Work with Us

If you would like to write for us please send us your previous work, the link to your website (if you have one), and the topic you want to submit. We will review your work and inform you if your writing fits ours.

The things you need to consider before submitting an article:

1-Your Idea:

Your keyword idea should have real search volume on Google. It must greater than 20. Because we like the article that benefit our readers, solving their problem.

2- Your Article:

  • Its length is around 1000-1500 words
  • The article must be unique
  • You must format it clearly through Microsoft Word file
  • You can insert a link to your related article on your site and my site
  • Include the images

Note :

Images must be from free sources or you have the right to use it.

Youtube video in the article is good.

Now we also accept sponsored post or advertisement.

If you have any question please submit to Tina Smith with email address:   

  • Don't send to sara (at) profeethub dot com because we will stop contact through this email 

Thanks for your interest in