Where To Buy The Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots?

So, you are about to start a position where you need steel toe boots, but you think to yourself: where to buy women’s steel toe boots? Men’s are easy to locate, just walk into a store and look for their brands and hand over their credit card and they are done. With women, it is not as easy.

We want women’s steel toe boots, not men’s boots disguised as women’s. We want cute colors and fun patterns to separate us from the boys. The question is, though, where do we find such boots? Well, I have compiled a small list of the top three places to search for women’s steel toe boots. You can get more information on steel toe shoes and from where you can get them, Here!

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Some choices are obvious, but others may not be. Good luck with your search!


Yes, you cannot find anything without looking on Amazon.com first. Every country has their Amazon site, so it is the first place you should always look. The price is usually lower, and there are honest reviews on the products.

buy steel toe boots at Amazon.com


They will tell you if they run true to size and if the color pictured is accurate.

Amazon offers numerous women’s steel toe boots. They have different styles and sizes so every woman can have their style and not have to compromise. You can purchase shoes that look like sneakers you would go for a run in, or you can buy shoes that look like nurses clogs or even shoes that look as though you are the captain of a yacht.

The idea is that just because they are steel toe does not mean that they have to be your boyfriends CATS or his Timberland boots. You can keep your style and have fun with color all while being safe and protecting your foot.

My favorite pair at the moment is Rockport Work Women’s Sailing Club RK670. They look perfectly nautical and also have a protective steel toe. They even offer a rubber sole, Electrostatic dissipative and are CSA Impact certified.

By looking at the shoe you would never think they are that solid, but they indeed are. I will not need to comprise fashion for safety with these women’s steel toe shoes.


EBay has changed considerably over the past decade or more. It is no longer just about auctioning your grandmother’s old junk. You can also purchase brand new items that are not meant to be bid on. You can just shop by category and type in ‘women’s steel toe shoes’ and the options are endless.

where to buy women's steel toe boots-It's Ebay.


On this site, you can pick and compare to Amazon.com or other online sites you may have found. You can read different reviews and see if they compare to the ones on Amazon. What eBay also has to offer is that they list how many of the shoes they have sold.

On the eBay site, I am on; they contain the shoe size from 3-9 of Ladies Safety Boot Steel toe caps ankle trainers hiking shoe are selling at 126+. Others may have only sold 13 or 25, but this particular shoe has sold over 125 and still going. That seems pretty trustworthy if you ask me.

With eBay in some countries, you can click and collect, so you do not need to wait on shipping. You may also be able to return right away if the product is not what you thought it was supposed to be. How great is that? Online shopping has become so much more convenient over time.

Brands Websites

I sometimes believe you will have a better variety of particular shoes when purchasing on the manufacturers website. I love New Balance sneakers and the fact that they now offer steel toe shoes makes it even more versatile for people.

They are comfortable sneakers that are perfect for training or just walking around town. They have fun and vibrant colors that are suitable for everyone. You can go to their website and search for their steel toe shoes.

The shoes they list may be limited, but you know you are getting both comfort and quality.

If you are a fan of other manufacturers work shoes, then you should go on their site. They often have a part where you can type in your postcode or zip code to see where they closest shop is that carries your shoe.

They can even put them on hold for you, so you do not need to worry about them selling out of the shoe before you arriving. It is satisfaction guaranteed!


As you can see, there are many varieties of women’s steel toe boots out there. It is just about where you look and what style you are looking for. I always advise to go in order from Amazon than to eBay and then finally the manufacturer’s website. You are sure to find what you are looking for if you put in a bit of effort!

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