Optimal Foot Health: What You Need To Know To Improve Your Health

Your feet are an essential part of your body, and you use them to take steps, run, stand, walk and do various activities. Also, the feet act as a set of shock absorbers which protects the body in every step you take. Thus, you should always protect your feet.

This body part contains 26 bones, alongside hundreds of ligaments, muscles, and tendons which makes an extraordinary and complex mechanism.

Every day, you put a lot of pressure on your feet, that’s why it is not surprising that many develop issues. Many people believe that experiencing pain in the feet is normal. However, it is not. As many experts say, it actually could be an indication of greater health problems.

Indeed, no matter how old you are, it is still vital to have healthy feet. There are various ways you could maintain optimal foot health and here are some of the tips on how to do it:

Always Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

If you have good hygiene, then you will most likely have healthy feet. Here are some ways on how you can keep your feet clean and dry:

  • Clean your feet with soap, scrub them gently to remove the dirt, and wash them thoroughly with water when you take a bath.

  • Dry your feet using a towel because if your feet are wet, they may attract fungal organisms on. Make sure to wipe the moisture between each toe.

  • Right after the shower, you can perform a self-examination and check on the soles of your feet. See if there are peeling areas that could be early signs of Athlete’s Foot.

If you have diabetes or other skin diseases, it is a must to let your feet stay clean and dry since your body is vulnerable to infections and foot sores.

  • Use soaps that are mild and hypoallergenic so your skin will not react to them.

Be Smart And Be Active

Another tip is to be physically active and act smart. Select an activity that you find joy in doing and will enable you to exercise your feet and your toes. Examples of which are football, soccer, swimming, and others.

Have a SMART approach towards health and fitness: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound so you can be motivated and you can achieve success.

Maintain Clean Toenails

Clean toenails also send a message to a healthy body. If your nails are discolored, then this could be a symptom of nail fungus. Here are some of the tips on how to maintain beautiful and healthy nails:

  • Clean your nails from time to time by simply removing the dirt with a soft nail brush.

  • Cut your nails straight across and avoid cutting the nail too close to your skin. It can cause ingrown toenails and could be very painful.

  • If your nails are cracked, crumbling, or very thin, this could be a sign of nail fungus. Consult a doctor if you experience such symptoms and do not hide bad or ugly nails using a colored polish.

Perform Foot Stretches Regularly

Some foot stretches can promote optimal foot health especially when you do it on a regular basis.

Here are some of the foot stretches that you can try now:

Indeed, foot stretches can help in lengthening the tight toe muscles. You might feel some pain when you do the stretching. However, the pain is just passing, and it will soon become okay. When the muscles in the toes and feet remain tight, you can be at risk of developing various foot problems in the end.

Protect Your Feet By Selecting Proper Footwear

Another tip to maintain optimal foot health is through proper selection of footwear. Here are some of the tips regarding footwear that you should consider before purchasing new shoes:

  • When you are in the gym, market, mall, hospital, train, or any other public places, always see to it that your feet are well protected. You can wear closed shoes with clean socks to prevent the spread of fungi that could potentially lead to infections in your feet.

  • Avoid sharing shoes with friends, relatives, and other persons. You can acquire fungal infections by using the shoes of other people.

  • Wear socks to keep your feet dry. Choose socks that are made of synthetic fibers because these can dry moisture better than wool socks or cotton.

Buying the right shoes could be very challenging for some of us. Apart from the design and the price, you also need to consider various factors so you can wear them without hassles. Here are some of the tips for buying the right shoes:

  • Always opt for shoes that are breathable to help your feet stay dry and healthy.

  • Choose leather shoes so the air can circulate freely.

  • For sweaty feet, opt for shoes that are made of mesh fabric to prevent excessive sweating and foul odor.

  • Wear shoes that are according to your size. Shoes that are too tight can cause problems in the end. You can go for shoes with a rounded shape that has plenty of room for your toes. They must also have a stable and wide heel. Avoid buying pointy heels because this can cramp your toenails and cause calluses and ingrown toenails.

Use A Toe Separator Daily

You should also consider wearing a toe separator daily to improve the condition of your toes and your feet.

The toe separator can realign your toes and create a space in between them. Over time, you can transition to the use of toe spacers to help treat overlapping toes and bunions.


In sum, your feet have a major role in the functioning of your body, and proper care must be taken to make them healthy and good looking. Your feet can send various messages about your whole body’s health. Thus you must be aware of the signs and symptoms you notice firsthand.

Finally, consult a doctor immediately if you are experiencing redness, swelling, allergies, or pain in your feet. If you need to undergo surgeries, you can claim on your insurance from those like Members Own Health Fund. Don’t try self-medication, especially if you can’t handle the pain anymore.

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