Know Your Footwear: What Does DC Shoes Stand For

When it comes to footwear that is designed specifically for skateboarding, DC is one brand that is leading the competition. It is globally popular because of their high-quality products, with designs and innovations that have been copied ever since. They also manufacture snowboarding boots, casual footwear, and complementary apparel, among others.

Do you know what does DC shoes stand for? You might have a pair of DC shoes, but are you aware of where it is from? Keep on reading the rest of this post and I will give you a quick look at the history of the company.

What Does DC Shoes Stand For?

DC stands for Droor’s Clothing. This was the original name of the company when it was established in 1994. However, the company was eventually sold, and hence, the name Droor’s Clothing has been dropped. It was eventually changed to simply DC.

An alternative story claims that DC is the initial of two of the most influential people in skateboarding during the time it was founded –Danny Way and Collin McKay.They were also two of the company’s original endorsers.

A Quick Look at the History of DC Shoes

The company was founded by Damon Way and Ken Block. The two began launching startups soon after they met in a community college. Even before DC, they have already launched several small brands, such as Eightball Clothing and Blunt Magazine.

In October 1994, as a sign of a growing business, DC moved into a new facility, which has a size of 16,000 square feet. It was also during such year when Clayton Blehm became one of the co-owners and helped the company rise to its success.

However, in 2002, Blehm was terminated from the company. The termination did not go as smooth and lead to a series of lawsuits. Way and Block accused Blehm of being engaged in fraudulent activities and in being negligent of his responsibilities for the company.

It was in the same year when Billabong made the offer to buy DC. The deal did not go smoothly and even became one of the major reasons for the termination of Blehm and the birth of a lawsuit that has attracted the attention of the international media because of the large amount of money that was involved.

To introduce the brand to the world andto sustain their growth, they ventured into several marketing tactics and released a film known as DC Video. Released in 2003, it took about three years for the film to be made. One of the highlights was when Way made a record jump at a length of 75 feet and height of 23.5 feet.

DC also hired people beyond skateboarding to endorse their brand. A perfect example of this would be the rock band Linkin Park. They also Collaborated with different artists and brands in an effort to further intensify the reach of DC.

Competition did not become easy for the company but they eventually managed to survive with flying colors. In one report from Sporting Goods Business, it was said that from six brands, the number of skateboarding shoes grew to 30 in 2000. Nike and Reebok even attempted to join the craze, but their success was limited.

Currently, DC is owned by Quiksilver. Despite this fact, however, the two have distinct brand identities. In fact, most people would not even know that the two are owned by the same company.

Up to this day, the success of DC is hard or even impossible to match. According to experts, this could be attributed to their close association with the top names in the sport. Also, the company has been active in promotional events, providing it with the opportunity to introduce their brand to a larger audience.


By now, we hope that you already know what does DC shoes stand for. Just in case you need to be refreshed about what we discussed above, it stands for Droor’s Clothing, the name of the company when it was first introduced in 1994.

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