Do you know What are the Causes Stinky of your Feet?

As we grow older, our feet are exposed from certain elements that are not safe that would ruin even how strict we are with our personal hygiene, is it? And as we off our day from our daily activities, it’s an embarrassing moment why some of us have to endure the nastiness of having stinky feet even if we enclosed our feet from footwear for protection. Or you might think, is this enough?

We have to understand what causes stinky feet. This will help out to pinpoint what are things that we have to do to prevent its occurrence so that our confidence will continue to boost us without thinking anything smelly down there.

Understanding what the causes of stinky feet

Not all of us are having stinky feet, pretty unfair right? But all of us are candidates for having stinky feet regardless of the temperature or time, and the season of the year. Most of us sweat only during hot months while others are almost all year rounds.

What causes stinky feet? (The answers will enlighten you)

Foot perspiration occurs during hormonal changes and this is most common among teenagers and pregnant women. There is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis this makes human to sweat more than usual. If we are under a lot a lot of stress and movement, naturally, our foot perspires, while several of us excrete more sweat because they have more than the average of sweat glands.

But how come your feet would go stinky even you are washing your feet before putting on with shoes or socks?

The most and common cause of it is having sweaty feet in an enclosed shoes without having proper ventilation. Foot odor is will occur during the time that your sweat will mix with bacteria from your skin. Over 250,000 sweat glands are present in our feet that produce moisture almost daily. If the moisture keeps on pressing against your feet, the bacteria are growing and feed on the sweat as time goes by and this produce isovaleric acid that causes the odor. This acid is released as the sweat decomposes on the feet skin.

Most of us tend to reuse the shoes for some reasons. And that shoes are already soaked with sweat, and obviously, those bacteria are still living in those shoes and continue to grow once your feet started to sweat again, thus, your stinky feet condition get worse. Even if you wear new socks but still that bacteria will be pressed on the socks and penetrate the skin.

Understanding what the causes of stinky feet

Foot condition such as athlete’s foot will add the injury to the infection. This condition is caused by a fungus, thus, thus it can also cause stinky feet. Other factors that can be culprits of smelly feet are medication, alcohol and drugs, poor hygiene, and most especially the wearing of low- quality shoes and constant wearing of the same footwear.

Preventing and Finding Cure for Stinky Feet

Certainly, you have to change your usual soap and water to wash away bad odor on your feet. This will only repeat your problem almost every day. You have to find ways how to reduce the amount of sweat perspires on your feet at least or you have to find natural or synthetic products to drop of the odor for good.

Or maybe when your smelly foot problem starts with your footwear, then footwear is also the solution.

Start with your footwear

  • Look for well-made shoes that composed of fine materials with features that consider being breathable and comfortable. Most common features to consider are uppers that made of leathers or athletic shoes that have mesh uppers.
  • Another thing when you look for suitable shoes is, look for an arch support insole that has anti-bacterial properties probably with top covers that discourages bad odors. These features will alleviate the occurrence of bacteria and avoid your feet to smell. Use cedar type of insoles for its anti-fungal properties.
  • Breathable fabrics should include cotton, linen, leather and hemp.
  • Socks are also important as it would be the first to consume the rage of the smelly feet. You should make sure that it is made of copper, wool, cool max or any moisture -wicking fibers that highlight and work for your feet ventilation.
  • Do not wear shoes that don’t fit. This will only add the pressure and make your feet perspire more.
  • During summer days, never wear dense socks, waders, and denims.
  • Never stick to one pair of shoes two days in a row. This will help your shoes to breathe out until on the day that you’ll wear it again. Or you can air dry or mild sun-dry to release the remaining moisture.
  • Powder the inside of your shoes by sprinkling baking soda or spray with disinfecting spray.
  • Do not wear nylon socks or plastic socks. These socks don’t allow your feet to breathe.
  • Use dryer sheets inside your shoes to deodorize the smell.

Personal Hygiene

  • Choose an anti- microbial soap when washing your feet. After washing the feet, apply zinc and castor oil cream.
  • Always trim your toenails to avoid the bacteria from inhabiting.
  • Anti-perspiring deodorant is not only for armpits but also for feet.
  • A baby powder or a talcum powder will help your feet dry all throughout.
  •  Give your feet a soak. Use tea that contains tannic acid. This will help dry out your feet instantly after.


Having stinky feet is not a disease or an illness. It’s just a matter of how you will go to apply possible solutions that would help you in your foot problems. Don’t be a victim of negligence. Go out and find help. Online sources can be helpful, start it out by typing what causes stinky feet.

I hope you find the article substantial and assist you with your problem. If you have any questions drop a few comments here.

Overall if you are unsure of everything you want to apply to avoid stinky feet, seek for advice to experts. They can be your last resort because some conditions are not common and can be a sign of a medical related condition.

  • You can ask to him or her, what causes stinky feet.
  • Tell him about the frequency and how excessive your sweat is
  • You can use prescribed medications or solutions from him or her.
  • Ask him is there any food that will eliminate foot odor or is there a need to change your diet
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