What Are Canvas Shoes: Are They Right For You?

What are canvas shoes? What are the benefits of wearing them? What are they made of? Is it the right footwear for me? Stop wondering! Read this guide and you will know the answer, and more importantly, determine if this is the right footwear for you.

What are Canvas Shoes?

Simply put, it is a type of footwear wherein the upper is made from canvas. The latter is a sturdy fabric that is flexible in terms of design possibilities. Some canvas shoes are even hand-painted. This plain-woven fabric is also known for its durability.

Traditionally, hemp is the material that is used in the production of canvas. These days, however, it is not often made from linen or cotton.

To further classify canvas, it is often available in two types: duck canvas and plain canvas. Duck canvas is thicker, so it offers less breathability. It is weather-resistant, which makes it more durable. It is woven tighter compared to plain canvas.

Benefits of Wearing Canvas Shoes

Here are some of the good things about canvas shoes, which can possibly convince you as well to choose it above all others:


This is one of the best things about canvas shoes. It provides optimal comfort to the wearer because it encourages superior ventilation. This is especially a good choice during the hot summer months.


The minimal weight of canvas shoes is another benefit that is worth noting. If you are on a holiday or if you need to do a lot of walking, canvas is an excellent choice because its weight will never put too much stress on your feet.

Easy to Maintain

If you are looking for footwear that is effortless to clean and maintain, you might love canvas shoes. You will only need a few materials. Usually, mild soap, warm water, and soft brush will be enough to do the job.


It is also a good thing that they are available in a wide array of designs. Vans and Converse are two popular brands with a wide collection of canvas shoes in different colors and styles.

Is It For You?

Canvas shoes are for everyone. Whether you are a student looking for shoes you can wear out of school days, a worker looking for comfortable footwear for standing all day, or just anyone who needs comfortable shoes, canvas is a material that is hard to match in terms of the many benefits that it can deliver.

Now that you are done reading this post, we hope that you already know what are canvas shoes. To recap, canvas is the fabric that is used on the top part of the shoe. It is excellent for casual wear. It is available in a wide range of design to suit individual preferences and personality.

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