Which type of shoes is the best for your child?

While going through their daily activities, children should, without a doubt, be comfortable with what they’re wearing, especially if they tend to over-sweat. Thus, it is a great help to both the parent and the child if they buy the right shoe type at the store. There are many types of children shoes, and all of them are made to accommodate a specific requirement.

Shoes affect the entire posture and development of your child’s feet. A child that’s completely comfortable with movement will have no problems hopping about as children usually do. An excellent shoe choice equals a terrific playtime for your child.

Picking the Right Shoe

No matter the actual shoe type, you always need to check for certain vital signs that let you verify if your child will be comfortable in what you buy. Wearing shoes is great, but wearing the right shoes as a child will aid with all sorts of health issues, such as straighten their spine, keep their feet healthy, maintain their good posture, prevent and object obesity, and much more.

We’ll guide you through the simple requirements of a good shoe for your child. Some of the most important features that should be present during the testing are the following:

1. A Spacious Top

The top of the shoe should always have some empty room for your child’s toes to be free. This space should be about the width of your thumb, and it should be clearly felt during testing.

Your child should ideally be able to wiggle their toes without the entire shoe moving – the heel should stay in place. Also, make sure that the top is always, and we mean always, rounded instead of pointy. This will give your child’s toes the necessary space and shape-forming as they develop.

2. Slightly Larger Size

Although it’s hard to find a shoe that your child is comfortable with at that exact moment (since their feet are constantly changing and growing), you should try to find a size and model that will fit your child for another 5-6 months at least.

This means that you should pick a shoe that’s slightly larger, but not too loose for your child’s foot to just flap in it. Remember: If a shoe is too loose, your child will constantly be hitting its toenails into the top of the shoe, which can be painful and causes a lot of issues with feet.

3. Breathable Material

Leather shoes are awesome, they provide your child’s feet with the ultimate possible quality, making their skin completely safe from any infections and the like. However, unless it’s winter or a cold spring, your child is likely to be very physically active.

That means their feet will get sweaty fast if they’re wearing anything where air cannot circulate normally. Their feet will smell bad, and they will be susceptible to various infections and other foot conditions. In order to prevent this, you should almost always go for linen or any other hole-spangled lightweight material.

The Best Shoe Types for Children

There are various types of shoes and many shoe tastes, some of which your child may have adopted. The idea here is to find something fitting their taste while staying true to the meaning of appropriate footwear.

1. Sneakers

Pink, black, or of any other color for that matter, sneakers make the best possible choice for any parent and child. Depending on the model and type, every boy’s standard of “manliness” and every little girl’s “princess” factor can be satisfied. Our finest recommendation from this category is the low-tops with bigger toe areas since you’ll never have to worry about your child’s toes being suffocated.

2. Ballerina-style

Made exclusively for girls, ballerina-style shoes feature a great amount of comfort and versatility, no matter what your girl is doing and on what kind of terrain. Ballerina-style shoes are always extremely breathable, lightweight and unimposing, which makes them the optimal summer footwear for any female child out there.

3. Start-rites

Start-rite type shoes are famous for their Velcro straps, and while your child should indeed know how to tie their shoes, start-rites make a great choice for any hyperactive boy that wants to just slap some shoes on and head out to play. Start-rites are also fairly breathable and they should make your child quite comfortable.

4. Wellingtons

Be your child a boy or a girl, when it’s raining, snowing, or plain cold, wellingtons are a great idea. They are large, spacious, and they offer a great amount of stability. If you tuck your child’s pants into their wellingtons, you can almost be sure that no snow or water will get to their feet, no matter what they’re doing.

Happy Hunting

Now that you know what your child needs, don’t be too shy to go out and get some of the best children footwear on the market. Parents usually don’t give this idea much of a thought, and they just go ahead and buy anything their child wants. This sort of buying strategy usually doesn’t allow your child to enjoy some of the crucial benefits that shoes can offer, like keep their spine straight and prevent and object obesity.

We’ve let you know everything you need to make the best possible decision during your next footwear purchase, and since you’ll be doing this every 5-or-so month for a child in development, this means you’re safe for as long as they’re growing.

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