10 Relaxation tips to reduce your stress

The response of the body to any kind of appeal or danger can be referred as stress. Short-term stress shall be very helpful to humans at times of impending danger but, prolonged stress shall lead to various health problems like hypertension, headache, sleeping difficulties, stomach upset, heart diseases, stroke, suicide etc. Short-term stress has some benefits which involve preparation, motivation and hard work. In the life of a normal person, dominant reasons which cause stress include lack of money, bereavement, illness, moving home, accidents, pregnancy, divorce, noise, crime, pollution and waiting for an important result etc.

One should learn how to control stress regardless of the duration, otherwise, life would become miserable. When you feel threatened or anxious the nervous system induces the release of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol thus preparing your body either to fight or flee from the scene. Preparing your body to react to stress by these hormones include increasing the stamina and strength, sharp senses, quick reaction, increased heartbeat etc. Prolonged stress shall be a danger to any human and so relaxing techniques gain higher priority over treatments with medicines. Listed below are some of the relaxation techniques to get rid of prolonged stress and keep your body healthy.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practice of exploring the inner you. Finding the exact you inside you by concentrating your breath is yoga. In other words, think about nothing is yoga. When you think nothing, what shall be the status of your mind? Obviously, you have to focus meticulously on every response of your body. The explicit response which you can feel while you sit idle is your respiration. Breathe in gradually till you feel it is enough; hold the breath for some time; now breathe out gradually. Practicing this technique shall make your feel negligent about the cause of your stress.

2. Relax your muscles

Relaxation of your muscles requires contraction of muscles. In order to get rid of stress through this method first, you got to find a calm and quiet place. Stress the muscles in the face and hold it for few seconds. Then relax the muscles and let it soothe. Repeat the same procedure throughout the body. Exercises can help in relieving stress by secreting endorphins which can combat stress hormones. Moreover, massages can also serve as one of the best stress relieving technique.

3. Relaxing music

The affinity towards music varies from person to person. Some folks might like jazz, while some other might like rock and roll, blues, country, pop music or whatever. Find a calm place and let your music be calm and soft without any rocking. Close your eyes and try to feel the embrace of the fresh air and the soft music with your mind. Feel that your stress has been washed away by the fresh air as it passes by. More importantly, do not play any sad music as would aggravate your situation.

4. A hot cup of tea

Having a cup of hot tea will reduce the stress in the minds rather than having a sip of coffee as the caffeine in the coffee has the property to induce anxiety. The special feature of the tea is to reduce inflammation, reduce cholesterol which would be very helpful at times of stress. There are also special tea ingredients which can increase energy, sleep and reduce stress. This is because the antioxidants, adaptogens, flavonoids in the tea acts against the stress responses thus reducing the level of adrenaline and cortisol thereby reduces stress.

5. Engage in a hobby

An interesting activity done for our pleasure and happiness is termed as a hobby. A hobby diverts the thought of a mind and engages the individual in another interesting activity thus causing the brain to reduce the level of adrenaline and cortisol thereby reducing stress. When you are involved in a job of your own interest negative thoughts which inflict your mind would gradually subside and refresh your mind with the joy of fulfilling your work. Hobbies like surfing, skateboarding, and gardening will also work better to get rid of stress

6. Feel the nature

Nature is the solution to any problem to a human. Everything in this world is the gift of nature. Consider any object that falls in your sight. Now start to imagine where that object came from? If you keep on thinking you will surely end up in nature. Going out to see some natural sceneries, forests, lakes, seashores, parks etc would relax your mind to a greater extent. Nature reduces anger, fear, blood pressure, muscle tension, stress hormones etc. thereby ensuring the well being of the individual. Wear your running shoes and go for a morning/evening jogging session which will wipe out all the stress from your mind.

7. Write down

Writing down the positive aspects of life will reduce the stress enormously. But make sure that your writing is purely optimistic. Do not write anything pessimistic as is would end up worse. The negative flow of words will irritate and take your stress to the epitome. Concentrate on the handwriting and let the words which you write show your courage, valor, endurance, and strength to overcome any kind of situation you encounter.

8. Chew gum

It has been estimated from a research that people who chew gum are less prone to stress and more interestingly people who chew it harder are even less prone to stress. Chewing a sticky substance induces the vagus nerve which provides relaxation to the mind. As you chew while you are stressed, it means a partial function of the brain is associated with chewing. Gradually, chewing gains control over the thought and makes you feel relaxed.

9. Laughter

Laughter is an expression of amusement and happiness. But, laughing void does not make sense. You need a catalyst like a video, talk, tickle or some other stimulant to do so. Laughter brings more oxygen to your body and relaxes your muscles which have been tightened due to the stress hormones. You can rewind the jokes and such related incidents happened in the past to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Moreover, laughter can also reduce the stress hormones by releasing endorphins which are pleasure hormones hence reducing stress completely.

10. Spend time with your pets

Pets are cute creations of God who can support the humans in different ways. Take your pet to a nearby calm place and have a play with him. Spend some time in training him or take a ride with him. While interacting with your pet, a brain chemical called oxytocin is released; this promotes positive thoughts in the mind. Oxytocin plays a vital role in reducing the level of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol thus reducing stress.

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