9 Mega Reasons Why Your Feet Hurt And How To Fix Them

All kinds of activities that have undergone every day are contributing factors of reasons why your feet hurt that ranges from simple standing to running. Our choices of footwear are getting into the line why our feet are getting mild into great torment and common reasons are injury, disease, and trauma. And if not into moving, there are something happening inside our feet that create discomfort and pain like poor biomechanical alignment or probably there are ailments that are starting to form inside and consume your comfort turning it into something alarming and need professional help and advice.

Our feet, like hand and wrist, is a complicated part. It’s not just it plays an important part mostly in our daily moving but it is biologically composed of many bones and muscles. Here are the things and reasons that you must understand and maybe you’ll try to remember so you’ll know your ways on how to avoid painful feet, and you’ll determine what’s normal pain or not.

1. Repeated small injuries to the fascia or Plantar Fasciitis after choosing footwear with poor cushioning and lack of arch support.

This is the kind pain you will feel in your heel and foot area wherein most of the time, the reasons are coming from frequent walking, standing and walking. This will likely to occur after a sudden twist of lifestyle, from having a sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle.

If you are just having a budding interest in exercise, your feet will jolt in effect if you push directly especially if you start running on the road rather than walking briskly on a track. Your extra weight can gain strains on your feet, especially on heels.

How to Fix that reason

For this case, the wearing of structured shoes is advised; a kind of structured shoes that would support the feet arches and that would enclose your feet. It is prohibited to wear flat shoes like ballet flats or flip-flops and most importantly, avoid going barefoot.

Every morning, feet stretching exercise must be done especially on your Achilles tendon part. Before you set your foot out of the bed, wrap around your feet with towel or t-shirt then pull your toes back. In some case that it would swell, get cold water in a plastic bottle; roll it under your foot to relax the pain.

2. The occurrence of ingrown toenails after enclosing your feet on tight shoes.

The day you start to pamper your toenails with a pedicure, accept it or not, you are not safe with throbbing pain in the long run. If you’re on a pedicure session, make sure that—that little thing in the corner of your nail will completely wear out or else it would grow again. This will trigger the pain in case if you bump your toes on a hard object or you enclose your feet on tight shoes.

Sweaty feet are also one of the culprits that cause ingrown toenails faster. Even the natural shape of your nail will likely to develop ingrown and will cause to create pain. People who have this kind of shape will always depend on pedicures to avoid it. Their toes are prone to fungal nail infections that cause their toenail to easily thicken and widen.

How to Fix

Avoid wearing pointy-toed shoes. This will suffocate your nails and irritate more, thus, it will worsen the case, rather, wear a roomy toe box to let it breathe.

Moisturized feet will also help to avoid pressure on your ingrown nail. And when you’re going for a pedicure, instruct the pedicurist to cut your toenails straight across.

3. The tight shoes that would rub against you heel bone and prolong it will create pressure on the feet area.

This will likely to create bursitis. Are you fond of activities like working with tools like gardening, typing, cooking or cleaning stuff in a single place and one period? You might want to change that a bit. Try to incorporate with several movements that won’t allow you to stay while working.

A sudden blow in your feet is also one to look out especially if you are in the midst of aging.This will cause the bursa to break down. Or it depends on your genes like an enlarged heel bone.This would inflame the bursa especially if a tight shoe rubs against your heel bone. The bursa is the protective pod of fluid in the heel flesh.

The tight shoes that would rub against you heel bone and prolong


How to Fix

Because this case pointed on the back of the heel, you wear shoes with open backs. It’s best to wear until the irritation or pain subsides. And when it’s going to get chronic, better see a specialist.

4. You walk or run on hard surfaces with poor arch support in your shoe wear.

Frequent walking or running on hard surfaces will likely cause stress fracture on your feet. The tender part area of your feet or called as the metatarsals, receives most the repetitive stress as your feet strike in the hard surfaces.

This is most commonly creates an impact on women particularly to those who love heels. Their feet are more susceptible to stress fractures as your weight distributes unevenly over your foot every time their heels tilt.

How to Fix

It could take to less than eight weeks until healed, and during that period, you need to slow down in everything you do. Better avoid any strenuous activities like jogging or running, even in your walking.

Control your weight when you walk or simply go for quality cushioned shoes for weight support.

5. Poor choices of shoes will create Bunions

Poor choices of shoes will create Bunions


Forming of bunions is not for everybody although it is possible for everybody but most reasons point to hereditary and women are prone to develop bunions. It would add the cause more if your feet are low arched or over pronate like your feet roll inward. Tight and poorly fitting shoes are main the culprit for its occurrence especially if you wear it almost every day.

It also includes the wearing of narrow and pointy shoes, these never necessarily developed but it will worsen the case.

How to fix

This case typically occurs at the heads of the big- toe joints, so it is advised to wear shoes with wide toe box and also better if the shoes are low heels.

Use gel pads and place it over the bunions. This will serve as a cushion to reduce pain.

And if bunions will be worsened, go to a podiatric surgeon to realign the joints and fix the protruding bones.

6. An improper footwear that excessively binds the footwear will cause Morton’s Neuroma

This is a silent reason that it could take time before you notice. It is a growth of a benign tumor in feet nerve cells. It basically visible as it starts to swell and inflamed the nerve between the bones at the ball of the foot.

cause Morton’s Neuroma


This will occur mainly due to improper footwear that excessively binds the forefoot. The treatment includes surgery, pain relievers, and steroid injection.

How to fix

It is advised to wear shoes with wide toe box and also better if the shoes are low heels.

If the swelling of the nerve is getting uncontrollable, go to a podiatrist. They will give you a certain injectable to reduce and shave off the swelling.

Less invasive treatments will undergo if the neuroma that won’t go away. The treatment is called cryo treatment in which a probe is inserted into the affected area to eradicate the nerve problem.

See more about Morton’s Neuroma here and how it is going to be diagnosed properly http://www.medicinenet.com/mortons_neuroma/article.htm

7. You have hip, knee or back injury

How is it possible? Sure thing the hip and back are different pains but how would your feet feel the same pain? When you have this case, normally there is a change on your way of walking, like a crooked walk.

This will put too much weight on one side and with that, it triggers inflammation of your joint in the back of your heel and that includes bursitis.

How to fix

Wear comfortable footwear with an open back to release pressure on the back of your heel.

You move with control to avoid any additional foot pain.

8. You have high sugar level or simply called diabetes

Normally if you have a high level of sugar, some parts of your body have circulation issues due to the autoimmune disorder bought by diabetes. And that cause muscle and joint pains including the ones in your feet. This is one indicator if your sugar level is rising and you’re prompt to go to see a doctor.

How to fix

In this case, diet is important. Only eat the suitable amount of foods and advisable foods to be consumed aside from the medications. At least it will lessen the effect on your feet.

Wear comfortable and breathable shoes to eliminate any kinds of irritation.

9. You’re having a child in your belly

Hormonal changes are slowly invading your body when you are pregnant. You’ll get to experience morning sickness strain and tiredness and all kinds of normal bodily occurrences in your body. And your feet are not an exemption. Yes, as you wait for months, swellings on your feet add the legacy of being pregnant. Your feet will normally swell and sprain. It could be burdensome for some first time moms but rest assured that it will go down in time.

How to fix

A change of diet and suitable exercises can help you a lot. And when you are pregnant, do not wear heels and pointy shoes. The size of your feet will be increased as the time goes by until you’ll give birth.

Never wear tight shoes to avoid any pressure on your feet.

See this video for you to generalize the whole concept and expound all the things that need you to learn about feet pains


Every foot pain problems have designated care. You just have to know the proper ways to stop the pain for good. And in most cases that pain is not severe and need not go into surgery, you’ll find a cure just right in your home. A proper rest is an advanced cure. Ice packs could be effective means. And most importantly, well-fitting shoes are superb to avoid the fuss, pain, and discomfort because better foot supports are one of your main tools to avoid any occurrence of any kinds of foot pains.

This only means that there are many ways out there and that you don’t have to feel down because of simple foot pains.

I hope you get enlighten on the above list that is given to you about reasons why your feet hurt . Please feel free to comment and share if you really like the article.

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