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20+ Must Have Shoes for Guys: The Best Footwear for your Wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobe essentials for men, one that is often neglected is the footwear. This should not be the case! Whether it is a formal business meeting or a casual stroll in the park, it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right shoes.

What are the must-have shoes for guys? If you are clueless about what to add to your wardrobe, let me make your life easier. Consider this article as your cheat sheet for knowing everything about the best footwear that you must own.

Athletic Shoes

Boys and sports are two things that often go together. If you are physically-active, chances are, you are engaged in a specific sport. With this, you should wear the right shoe for a specific sport, which will make sure not only of your comfort but also of your optimal performance.

If you have the right shoes, it will be easier for you to be the star player. With this, here are some of the types of athletic shoes that you must have.

Basketball Shoes

If you often play hoops, you should have the right basketball shoes. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Steph Curry, and other basketball superstars all wear shoes that are designed specifically for the sport.


When it comes to basketball shoes, one of the most important is to make sure that they will offer excellent traction, which should have a strong grip on the surface, whether you are playing indoors or outdoors.

The materials used are also important. It should have excellent ventilation. Mesh is a good choice as it will encourage air circulation. An insole is also critical to provide the cushioning that is needed. More so, it is also vital to have excellent ankle support to minimize the likelihood of suffering from an injury.

Running Shoes

If running is your choice of sport or exercise, you need to find the shoes that are right for it. One of the most important is to consider your foot. Do you have a flat foot or a high arch? This will help you to pick a pair that won’t lead to discomfort, even when running for a long time.


Because of the physical demands of running, see to it that the sole will have a powerful grip on the surface. Otherwise, you might end up slipping and suffering from an injury.

Golf Shoes

Headed to the golf course? Wear the right shoe! Among others, one of the most important is to make sure that it will be comfortable for long walks since such is what you will do mostly in golf.


You will generally have two choices. You can opt for spiked or cleated shoe, which can deliver excellent traction and stability. On the other hand, spikeless shoes have a flat bottom, which is known to be more comfortable.

Bowling Shoes

The bowling lane has a floor that is made from a smooth material. You can be prone to accidentally sliding if you are wearing shoes that do not have the right traction.

Upon the release of the ball, you need to slide on your front foot and stop. Your shoe must be flexible enough to let you perform this motion and to brake easily. Otherwise, you will end up tripping.

Racquetball Shoes

Keep in mind that racquetball is played on a surface that is different from a tennis court. With this, you should choose different shoes for these two sports.

Flexible movement and easy control are two things that must be provided by your racquetball shoe. Non-scuffing shoes will be your best bet. A rubber outsole is excellent, not only to allow you to pivot with ease but also because it won’t leave marks on the ground.

Longboarding Shoes

One of the essentials for longboarding shoe is for it to have a sole that will allow you to easily brake. It should allow you to slow down easily when there is a need to reduce speed. In the case of regular shoes, it will be difficult to control your speed.

You might also notice that most longboarding shoes are chunky or big. The reason for this is basically because there is more room needed to touch the grid tape to control the board.

Dress Shoes

Whether it is a romantic dinner or a business meeting, dress shoes will prove to be useful. It is the perfect complement for a well-tailored suit. This will help to create an initial impression, and for sure, will make you look more handsome.


Also known as balmoral shoe, this is a classic and timeless piece that should be present in the wardrobe of every gentleman.

If you want one that looks less formal, you can opt for brogue oxford. It is heavier and looks more casual although still best for formal wear.


This is another quintessential item when it comes to the must-have shoes for guys. This is a common choice for people who travel for business. It has a slip-on design, which will make it easy to pass through airport security when you need to take off your shoe.

Originally, loafers are designed to be used by England’s King George VII as his house slipper. Early in the 1930s in the United States, it was redesigned to have a more formal appeal.

Monk Straps

One of its most noticeable differences from other types of dress shoes is the absence of laces. As a replacement for the latter, it is designed with strap and buckle as its closure system.

They are known for their sleek appearance and is the perfect choice for men who would like to have a more distinct style. There can be one, two, or even three straps.


​Wingtip is in reference to the cap of the toe. Its appearance is similar to a wing that seems to be expanding as it reaches the front.

More often than not, it is classified as the cousin of the oxford. For the best look, choose one that comes with close lacing system, which looks more formal.

Casual Shoes

Formal shoes may look too uptight for men who are not into business meetings or formal occasions. With this, casual shoes are the perfect alternatives. They can be worn even with shorts.

Saddle Shoes

This is the casual counterpart of the oxford shoe. Initially, it was used as a sports shoe, especially amongst golfers.


One of the most common characteristics of the saddle shoe is having two tones, although both layers are made from leather. It has an instep with a layering on the top, which usually has a color that is different from the rest.

Boat Shoes

Also known as topsiders, this is a popular choice if you are looking for footwear that is perfect for summer. It is made specifically for boating since it comes with an outsole that can be effective in the prevention of slipping.


Leather is a common material of choice. If you want it to be more casual on appeal, on the other hand, you may opt for canvas. It is best worn without socks.


This type of shoe for men is believed to have been around since the 13th century, which originated in Europe. Compared to boat shoes, they are less formal.


You should consider wearing this when you are at the beach. The construction of the sole makes it perfect for walking in the sand. The upper, on the other hand, is usually made from breathable material that can encourage air circulation even during a hot day.


If you are wearing shorts or jeans, sneakers will be an excellent choice of footwear. They are primarily designed for sports or for the gym, yet most men choose it for a casual fashion statement.


While there are different materials that are available, canvas is perhaps the most popular.


Form and function are two of the best things about boots. They are commonly worn in the workplace because they have features that will minimize hazards in your jobs. Typically, they are high-cut. There are also mid or low-cut boots, which have a more casual look.

Chukka Boots

Historically speaking, it is said that this type of boot comes from India. During its early years, it is worn by British soldiers when they are playing polo. Its name came from chukker, which is one of the periods during a polo match.


If you are looking for Chukka boots, Clarks is perhaps the best choice. they are known for being the pioneer in the market, although many others have imitated their design.

Desert Boots

This is a variation of the chukka. The first version of this footwear has been worn by British soldiers who fought during the World War II. They would often wear it when they are not in combat and when resting in the desert.


One of the differences from chukka is that it can have two or three eyelets. Also, the main material used in the sole is crepe, a more rigid type of rubber, and not leather.

Hiking Boots

As the name implies, this is what you should have if you love the outdoors and if you often go hiking. One essential feature is a well-designed sole, which should have an exceptional grip, even on muddy surfaces and uphill climbs.


It is also important that there is a waterproof upper. It should be made from a flexible material so that your movements will not be limited. Also, it must offer good air circulation.

Chelsea Boots

Since its introduction in the 19th century in England, it is one of the favorites when it comes to shoes for men.


The popularity of this shoe, however, did not soar until the 1960s. When it was worn by The Beatles, it became more iconic. The band commissioned a special design of the shoe, which comes with a Cuban heel and distinctively pointed toe.

Work Boots

They are available in a wide array of designs and materials with features that are specific to the requirements of a job. They can offer protection for electrical hazards and slippage, among other things.

Some of the most popular variations of this footwear include logger, roofing, and lineman boots. If your work is demanding and has a lot of risks, this is what you should wear. Pay attention not only to safety features, but also to your comfort.

Other Shoes

Aside from those that have been mentioned above, here are other types of shoes that you might want to have.

Walking Shoes for Bunions

A bunion is one of the most common forms of deformities in the toe. It will look like you have a sixth toe, which can be uncomfortable, especially when walking in tight shoes.

If you have bunions, the best option for a walking shoe is one that comes with a wide toe box. This will provide your toes with more room to move, and hence, you will not feel restricted at any time.

Shoes for Disneyland

Planning to visit Disneyland? Well, prepare for a lot of walking. Their parks are known for being ridiculously large. Hence, you will need a pair of footwear that will be comfortable, especially during a hot day.

Generally, you can wear sneakers or espadrilles for Disneyland, among others. It is important that it is breathable and that it comes with excellent cushioning. With this, there is minimal tendency that you will complain of foot pain and discomfort.

Kitchen Shoes

Do you work in the kitchen, perhaps as a chef or a dishwasher? If you do, you also need to have the prescribed footwear, which can make you more productive and comfortable in your job.

Since the kitchen can always have wet floors, one of the most important is for the shoe to have slip-resistant outsole. It should also come with a well-cushioned footbed since you will most probably be standing and walking for an extended period.

​Check out the top best kitchen shoes for men here


It is common for most men to have only one pair of shoe. A lot of you may be guilty of having the same footwear for different situations. Truth is, this should not be the case. I hope that the discussions above on the must-have shoes for guys will help you decide what to buy next as an addition to your wardrobe!

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