Mental Health and Foot Pain: Are They Connected?

Walking and running wouldn’t be as easy for you to do if it weren’t for your feet. They could only endure so much burden though from supporting your weight, as well as keeping up with your movement throughout the day, until they start hurting.

Eventually you find yourself having to deal with foot pain. Of course, you might have initially decided to ditch the footwear that caused your foot pain and replace them with new ones that promise to relieve you of the problem.

However, dealing with foot pain takes more than buying yourself a pair of new shoes. You’ll also want to recognize the connections between mental health and foot pain, a couple of which are as follows:

Foot pain may serve as a prelude to depression.

You might not have expected your feet to succumb to pain at all, especially if a typical day in your life mostly consists of moving around.

But depending on the severity of the foot pain that you’ve sustained, the health problem could put a halt to most – if not all – of your day-to-day activities that involve much use of your feet.

Having some difficulty moving around or being completely unable to do so can cause you to slowly spiral into depression since you may feel that a good portion of your daily routine has been taken away from you because of your foot pain.


Inability to mentally cope with mild foot pain can make it worse until it becomes a chronic problem.

Having foot pain doesn’t mean of course that you’ve suddenly become paralyzed. After all, if your legs are still working, you can still technically move even if you have to use crutches or a cane for assistance.

However, if you’re the type who easily yells “Ouch!” even if the physical pain that you’ve felt is as minuscule as getting pricked by a needle, dealing with mild foot pain may be too much for you, thus causing you to avoid any activities that can hurt your feet.

foot pain can make it worse until it becomes a chronic problem

Unfortunately, shunning activities that only mildly hurt your feet at best can make muscles suffer from atrophy and your joints unstable which can lead to your mild foot pain to turn into chronic pain that would require more expensive treatment and – if necessary – rehabilitation.


According to a survey conducted by Edge Research on behalf of the American Podiatric Medical Association last 2014, more than 75% of the entire population of adults in the United States have been suffering from foot pain since 2010.

Thus, you’ll want to take good care of your feet though so you can move around with ease by choosing the right footwear, as well as consulting a podiatrist for any foot pain that you might encounter.

But as your mental health state may affect your chances of recovering from your foot pain, you should consider setting up an appointment with a psychologists like the ones at TG Psychology to help you cope with the problem better.

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