Key Tips On Healing Better After An Ankle Break From A Slip And Fall

The ankle is responsible for a wide range of activities. It allows balance and locomotion, and it takes the weight of the body during considerable force like jumping or running.

This part of the body consists of three joints which are the fibula, tibia, and the talus. There are also five ligaments and a tendon that holds it all together. The ankle can perform its duties correctly if these joints and ligaments work hand in hand. As such, suffering an ankle break or fracture can significantly affect your daily routine.

When talking about ankle injuries, the severity of the damage can have an impact on the period of recovery as the tissues, bones, tendons, and ligaments in the injured ankle need time to heal.

Thus, this article will discuss some tips in healing better after an ankle break from a slip and fall, especially if it happens to you.

Get Enough Rest​

One of the key tips to successfully recover after an ankle break is to have enough rest. This is especially helpful after your operations. Rest can limit the strain and pressure you put on your ankle.

Here are some of the ways on how to get enough rest to heal faster:

  • Keep heavy weight off your feet or your ankle as it improves. You can do this by avoiding tight socks or shoes temporarily.

  • Make sure to sleep eight hours daily. Sleeping can restore and heal the damaged tissues and bones in the body.

  • Doctors typically recommend that your foot doesn’t carry any weight such as your body’s weight. Any pressure on your foot can delay the recovery period of your fractured or broken ankle.

  • Do some breathing relaxation techniques to calm your nerves and help release the pain. You can go to a quiet place, inhale and exhale, and focus on the positive memories you have in your life.

Deal With A Swelling Ankle Immediately

After surgery, your feet might swell especially if you always put pressure on it, such as when standing for long hours or wearing tight shoes or socks.

Thus, here are some of the recommendations on how to deal with a swelling ankle to recover faster:

  • Keep your feet elevated all the time to reduce swelling from blood circulation and avoid pressure. Elevate your feet above your waist, ideally six inches above your chest.

  • Try a cold-circulation unit to prevent the swelling of your ankle. You can place crushed ice in a bag and wrap it in a towel. Then, apply it to the swelling body parts but make sure that you won’t leave it for more than ten minutes. If your skin becomes pink, then it is still in healthy condition. However, if it becomes white or red, it means that you have applied the ice for too long.

Protect Your Wounds Right After The Operation

Right after your surgery, your wounds may still be fresh, and one must take necessary steps to avoid further issues such as an infection.

Here are some of the methods on how you can do this and prevent any further issues that may arise from the operation:

  • Do not remove your bandage, boot, or plaster cast of your ankle. If you discover that your dressing has rapid spotting, you can go to the doctor immediately.

  • Make sure that you don’t let your ankle or foot get wet at any time of the day. If you accidentally spill water on it, it is also best to see your doctor.

  • In removing the bandage, follow the order of your doctors regarding its cleaning especially the surgical area. Make sure you don’t put cream, lotion, or anything topical on the incision because it may infect the wound.

Perform Necessary Recovery Measures As Prescribed By The Doctors

If you noticed any side-effects such as redness, foul odor, drainage, and chills, it is best if you call your doctor immediately.

Your doctor will give you medicine to take to manage the pain right after surgery. You will most probably have a non-opioid or an opioid medication to ease the pain. Do take note to follow the prescribed dosage so you won’t experience any side-effects in the end.

Here are other measures that you need to do to heal your broken ankle better:

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks especially if you are taking antibiotics.

  • Limit your sugar intake. Skip eating sweets and drinking sodas.

  • Drink lots of water whenever you are drinking medicines.

  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber like beans, lentils, and prunes, and also fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein. It can help you fuel up the healing process.

  • Do not smoke cigarettes or vape.

Secure Worries Outside Treatment

One of the most important parts of treatment is making sure that the environment you’re in is compatible with your recovery. Treatment and recovery are typically more difficult when something is still on your mind.

If matters of the injury outside the treatment are yet to be settled, such as legalities, then your worry and stress may impede your treatment.

Here are some of the things to consider on how to secure legalities to recover faster:

  • How did you gain the injury? If someone else caused the broken ankle and you feel that your slip and fall injury is a result of someone’s negligence, try to consult an accident lawyer or a personal lawyer on possible methods of compensation.

  • Are the injuries work-related? Try to make sure that your place of work has protocols in place when it comes to work injuries, and consult a business lawyer or a legal professional if you’re unsure of what to ask your bosses about this.

  • Do you have insurance? If you have insurance, you may have access to better treatment methods due to your coverage policies. Try to claim for compensation on your insurance policies.


In sum, recovery from an injured ankle can take time, but there are some steps you can do to speed it up a little bit. Have enough rest, watch the food you eat, be careful with your wounds, and perform the necessary recovery procedures as prescribed by your doctor.

Aside from these tips, it is also essential that you settle all legal matters so you will be worry-free and you can get back to your daily routine immediately. If you wish to ask for some legal advice, you can visit this site.

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