4 Easy Ways to Shrink Leather Boots

Footwear is among the most sensitive parts of an individual’s personal look; people want to look good and leather boots can achieve such. Leather boots are always a welcomed addition to one’s footwear collection.

Owing to their durability, leather boots have attracted many admirers but imagine the frustration when reality hits the buyer that the shoes are nothing but small in size. However, remedies on how to shrink leather boots exist!

Of Soaked Boots and Socks

This approach to shrinking leather boots entails the use of both the leather boots and socked. For starters, it is good to use lukewarm water to soak the leather boots in.

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Naturally, leather shrinks when exposed to some heat, however, its elasticity is also at risk hence caution is generally advised. Soaking can be done either in a bathtub or a water basin of considerable size depending on what is available. The duration of the soaking can take at least one hour for better results.

Once this has been done, attention can now shift to the socks.

The socks to be used are soaked for five minutes and they’ll be ready for the shrinking procedure. An alternative approach is wearing the socks and placing your legs in water hence soaking the socks. Here the user will have to settle for the option that is not only easy but also comfortable for them to employ. What follows thereafter is the most critical part…wearing the boots with the socks on until they dry!

As one goes on with their daily activities drying takes place thus shrinking the boots! Leather conditioner can be applied later on. This technique works best with genuine leather boots, lesser quality boots are likely to get spoilt.

Water and heat

The presence of a source of heat is mandatory. The water that one ought to use should also be lukewarm to ensure that leather’s natural property to shrinking on heat exposure is utilized. Application of water to the boots takes a different turn to that discussed earlier on. A spray bottle filled with lukewarm water is to be used to sparingly spray water on the loose parts of the boots.

In the event such a bottle is not available, dabbing fingers in water and applying it on the boot may be a convenient alternative.

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There are many ways to dry the leather boots. The boots can be left a safe place to slow-dry on their own. However, if speed is required the boots can be dried under the sun or next to a fireplace. A blower can also be used as an alternative.

It should be noted that excess heat will cause cracking of the leather hence caution should be exercised.


Sewing and elastic band on the heel of a leather boot is best suited for the thinner boots. One can start by cutting an elastic band of relevant size making sure that it is in excess to ensure a smooth sewing.

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The band is then aligned to the heel using safety pins (although hair ins can also be used for this), a needle and thread are thereafter used to conduct the process. This method definitely needs a set of good skills and an experienced cobbler to do it best.


In the event there exists a space between the feet and the upper section of a leather boot an insole can be the simplest remedy. Options exist between a permanently glued insole and a detachable one which will be placed on top of the existing insole. However, thick and detachable insoles are the best to use to solve the problem and they guarantee comfort to the wearer.


In conclusion, it is crystal clear that there are ways to address the problem of having larger boots. The boots can be shrunk to a favorable customized size that the owner in question can be comfortable with.

However, care should be taken especially where heating and warm water are in play, this is simply due to the fact that excessive heat does more harm than good on the leather boots. Shrinking of the boots can either be done personally or be contacted out but in any case it’s good to know exactly what is being done to that hard earned leather boot of yours. Information is power so they say, all leather boot loving readers should consider themselves empowered!

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