5 Easy Ways on How to Repair Scuffed Leather Boots/Shoes

As time goes by, no matter how physical change like scuff marks that would occur. You can disregard and accept the fact that “well, it’s just a matter of time” and you just can’t do anything about it and you end up throwing it away like a trash. You’re wrong.

It’s just a matter of time that your shoes will go to appear unappealing anymore but you do have good choices actually that could give a chance to bring back its glory and that you must learn to take things seriously on how to repair scuffed leather boots/shoes.

This time, you don’t have to fret on searching for ways on how to renew your shoes into something precious like before without spending large chunks of money. There are certain hacks somewhere and through my article, you can certainly find the right answers for your problems.

Learn the following easy repair option methods that would help you

how to repair scuffed leather boots/shoes


The first thing to know before doing the repair is you must determine the type of shoes that you want to be scuffed repaired. The applications of repair methods only take effect based on the right type of shoes, the leather softness; color, the type of scuff marks. So you must be very careful.

Option # 1

Things you need

  • Spot remover
  • All-purpose contact cement
  • Instant Glue for shoes
  • Piece of paper
  • Toothpick
  • Fine Sandpaper (optional, depends on the color and the type of leather)
  • Shoe cream polish
  • Brush
  • Shoe wax polish
to clean the surface of your leather shoes


First thing is, you really need to clean the surface of your leather shoes really well using a spot remover. This primer method is to prepare the surface of your shoes. And it is also necessary to clean it first for a spot free base, and if ever your leather surface has raised-leather scuff you need to glue it down using an all –purpose contact cement which is made for fixing leather shoes.

Another option for raised-leather scuff is the use of instant glue, but you need to be very careful in applying for this one. Instead, you just need to put only a dot of glue on a piece of paper. You need a toothpick, instead of a finger to pick up a drip of glue and apply it on the scuff.

And to make the surface smooth, fine sandpaper can be used, although it is optional based on the type of leather you have.

Now, to fill in the dry leather and add color on it, you need to apply the shoe cream polish then buff the leather with a brush.

Finally, to give a blemish free and shine finish, apply a shoe wax polish 2-6 times.

Option # 2

Things you need

  • Soft Cloth
  • Shoe polish
  • Eraser
  • Brush
repair scuffed leather shoes easy


First, you need to remove scuffs using an eraser to give a clean base. It would be helpful in making all the cleaning process smoothly. Next, put an amount of shoe polish on the cloth and rub it on the shoe surface. Make sure to apply all throughout the shoe surface. Shoe polish alone eliminates the scuffs effectively without applying any form of shoe creams and covering. After, applying the whole surface, use the brush for a gleaming and shine effect.

Option # 3

Things you need

  • Things you need
  • Leather cleaning spray
  • Cloth
  • Fine shoe Brush
  • Saddle soap and water
  • Shoe polish
easy to remove scuff without hassling yourself with dirt


In cleaning leather shoes, make sure to brush off any kinds of dirt and debris using soft cloth and brush. This way, it is easy to remove scuff without hassling yourself with dirt. Now, to rub away scuffs, use less water and saddle soap on a soft cloth. Be careful not to wet the leather too much. You need to two applications for better results. Let it air dry or remove excess damp with dry soft cloth.

Another option for easy application is the usage of leather shoe cleaner or spray.

After drying the shoes, you can apply a shoe polish the fits with your shoe color to avoid discoloration. Use a clean, soft cloth for the application of shoe polish across the entire shoe in a circular motion. Be sure not leave any polish clot or polish damp in any shoe surface area.

For the finish, use the fine brush or soft cloth to wipe or brush the shoe to shine. Make sure not to over brush or over wipe the shoe to avoid any marks and soil.

Option # 4

Things you need

  • Mr. Cleans “Magic eraser “for walls
  • Little water to wet the sponge
How to repair scuffed leather boots/shoes with magic eraser


Magic eraser for walls?! Why not? Who would have thought that this simple heavy duty sponge will also work well in dealing with removing scuffs in your shoes? All you have to do is just wet the sponge with little water enough to wet the surface of your shoes. This would rub off the scuff marks instantly!

Option # 5

Things you’ll need

  • Things you’ll need
  • Acetone- free nail polish remover
  • Q-tip or cotton buds
  • Cotton swab

This is perfectly suitable for patent leather shoes. Now, all you just have to do is dip the Q-tip in the polish remover and start to brush off the marks until the marks started to fade off. Q-tip is recommended for it is precise and easily in control.

If the marks are still not visibly gone, that’s the time you can use a cotton swab for a complete finish.

See the video here for related information:


By applying all those methods, make sure to make it early. Don’t let any scuff marks sit on that shoe surface in a long time. For the longer it sits, the harder and tougher it removes and repairs. You don’t want to put your leather shoes or boots in higher risks right?

I hope you find my article well and effectively answer and hopefully work well on your application. Please send here your comments and share as well.

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