How to Keep Feet from Sweating in these Simple and Cheap Remedies

Everybody wants to be comfortable at all times no matter how hectic their activities are. From the outfits we wear to the feel of our feet, we always have to make sure everything is in control. Our feet, in particular, give us reasons to take care of them because of the inconveniences that it might give on our daily lives.

It can’t be denied that our feet may sweat in many reasons and we have to know how to keep feet from sweating. It could lead us into embarrassment and twist our confidence especially if it will start to stink. The sweating in our feet is the main culprit why our feet create a bad odor. So how are you going to stop it? Well, you might be surprised because some remedies can be found right in your home and avoid you to spend chunks of money.

Here is the list of simple remedies for you to follow and take into consideration in taking care of your feet to keep it from sweating.

Follow an effective foot hygiene

This is your very first priority in eliminating foot sweating problem. And it’s all about daily routine foot care you must follow. The sweating always starts in your feet so you have to take care and take notice of proper hygiene. Clean feet works instantly.

- Always wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap.

- You can apply foot cream and absorbent foot powder after washing.

Never wash your feet with warm water. Instead, after rinsing your feet, you can soak your feet in cold water to neutralize any stress and tension of your feet.

Wear suitable socks to eliminate the problem.

When you have sweaty feet, wearing of regular socks doesn’t help to aid the problem but it helps to worsen the problem.

- Wear the kind of socks that absorb moisture like cotton, wool, or a mixture of cotton and wool sock material.

- Best if you wear after you’ve done your effective foot hygiene for better results.

Wear suitable socks

Go for detachable and medicated shoe insoles

Shoe insoles are always inhabited by sweat from your feet. If your shoe insole is not the right type this would help to worsen the problem. You can have an insole that has activated charcoal properties for effective deodorizing and filtering.

You can also have ultra-absorbent insole help eliminate feet moisture instantly.

- When you buy shoes, always check its insole if it is detachable or medicated to treat your sweaty feet.

- Go for a medicated insole that has a deodorizing effect.

- Other types are cedar wood, treated wool, ionized, aromatherapy, or any types of materials which are proven to help keep feet from sweating.

Have a pair of well-fitting shoes

Well- fitting shoes add the pressure in your feet, thus, your feet never stop to sweat. It is important to know your shoe size and make sure it also has size allowance if ever you always have socks every time you wear the shoes. It will allow your feet to breathe comfortably and move your toes freely without any discomfort.

- When it comes to shoes, always have well -fitting shoes and should made with leather. Leather type of shoes helps your feet to breathe and ease your feet with comfort.

 Drink a lot of cool water for a cooling effect

The tendency of having sweaty feet is due to our body tends to increase its temperature. For this to cool down, we have to drink plenty of cooling water all throughout the day. Our body will remain cool keep our feet dry.

how to cure sweaty feet-keep feet from sweating

You just have to drink for at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day to boil down our body temperature

Grab a Sodium Bicarbonate or simply known as Baking Soda

If you are fond of baking then a baking soda can be a constant border in your kitchen cabinet. And what’s more, surprising is that it can also cure your sweaty foot problem if you have. Before putting on your socks or footwear or flip flops, follow these steps.

- Take some baking soda and mix it with water.

- Apply the mixture on your feet or even in your hands by rubbing it on the feet surface

- Repeat the procedure when needed.

This baking soda mixture will seep through and seal the feet surface preventing your feet to sweat.

Have your feet soaked with sage tea

Sage tea has amazing astringent properties that treat sweaty feet.

keep feet from sweating with sage tea

- Bring in a bucket full of warm or hot water.

- Dunk two to three sage tea bags and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

- Soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Do this every day and must be continued for a week for effective results.

And to prevent odor in your sweaty feet, you can have green tea as an alternative.

Have an alcohol as an aide

Alcohol has proven to have dehydrating and drying effect suitable for preventing sweaty feet. A rubbing alcohol or any alcohol-based beverages can be fine.

alcohol help keep feet from sweating

- Soak your regular wipes with alcohol.

- Wipe your feet all throughout. Be sure to wipe the back of your feet.

- Repeat if necessary

Have a cornstarch as an alternative to talcum powder

Cornstarch is also an effective remedy for sweaty feet. But unlike baking soda, it never gets messy when applied to your feet. This considers being absorbent and easily dries out the sweat on your feet.

- Just dust your feet with cornstarch to prevent any occurrence of sweat.

Have a talcum powder

If you don’t want the feeling of a baking soda or a cornstarch you can upgrade and buy a talcum powder. Don’t worry because it is only worth a little penny to pay for the comfort and treatment of your sweaty feet.

It’s best if you choose a mild or no scent talcum powder and has a cooling effect on it.

- Wash your feet first

- Just sprinkle it in your feet and spread the powder all throughout.

- Repeat if necessary

Go for Lemon or an Orange Peel Powder

orange and lemon peels

This is not only good for eliminating foot odor but also keeping your feet dry. It also keeps your feet fresh and has a fruity aroma that you’ll surely love. The natural citric acid in these two Vitamin C enriched fruits helps eliminate the bacteria created in sweating. The said acid also serves as an effective deodorant.

- Collect orange and lemon peels and let it dry outside. It’s better if it is air dry to retain its natural properties.

- You can turn it into a powder through a food processor.

- Store it in airtight jars.

- If in use, just get only the amount for your needs and mix them with water.

- Coat the mixture and spread it on your feet and let it sit until dry.

- You can also mix the powdered orange peel with baking soda and use it to powder your feet to serve as a deodorizer.

Splurge on tomato juice

Tomato juice has a natural cooling and astringent properties that suit to keep your feet from sweat. You can drink it instantly to cool down body temperature.

suit to keep your feet from sweating with tomato juice

- Get a tomato juice in a can or simply crush a fresh tomato.

- Apply the juice to your feet and let it sit for minutes.

- Drink 2 glasses of tomato juice daily in a week. Do this until your problem subsides or gone for good.

Black Tea Bags work wonders too!

Like the sage tea, black tea has also natural astringent properties but unlike the sage, it has tannic acid that makes it unique. It helps shrink your feet pores and reduces chances of sweat occurrence.

- Have your black tea bags moist.

- Let it slide all over in your feet and keep it going for about 15 minutes.

- Or if you want, you can soak your feet in a bucket of warm water and black tea bags dunked in the bucket.

The magic of vinegar truly works!

Look for white vinegar or an apple cider for best vinegar varieties. It is proven to keep your feet dry and prevents it from sweating.

- Rinse your feet with vinegar and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

- Repeat the process 3 times in a day.


Did you find this article tutorial enjoyable? And I hope you gained a lot from it.

It is important to have our own ways to keep our feet from sweating. Remember that when our feet start to sweat, it also the start of numerous foot problems ranging from athletes foot, fungal bacteria and most especially smelly feet. You wouldn’t want to end up with those problems, do you?

And one more thing, it is more important to choose your own high-quality boots especially if the nature of your work is in the midst of high temperature, hectic, and stressful. This will help manage any sort of tensions in your feet muscle as long as your feet lie comfortably.

It’s up to you which on the list suits you the most.

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