How to Fix Cracked Toenails: 7 of the Best Solutions

If you have crumbling and splitting toenails, you might think that the easiest fix is to just wear socks and hide it away from sight. However, this is only a temporary solution. You have to go to the root cause of the problem and do more than just to have it hidden.

If you have no idea how to fix cracked toenails, keep on reading and we’ll share some valuable insights that can help to effectively address the problem. Many of these solutions may seem simple, but they will work!

1. Use a Clear Tape

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fix cracked nail. However, like in the case of most solutions available, keep in mind that this is only temporary.

Start by trimming a portion of the clear tape, just small enough to make sure that it will cover the affected toenail. Use it to cover the affected area of the nail. Before pressing the tape firmly, make sure to align the broken parts of the nail so that they will cling to each other. Trim the excess part of the tape.

2. Use a Nail Glue

Before the application of nail glue, make sure to wash and dry your toenails first. This will improve the likelihood that the glue will cling. If there is dirt on the surface, it may not stick well. You can also soak it in warm water first.


Next, dot a small amount of nail glue on the part of the nail that is torn. Attach it to the other end of the nail that does not have any problem. Press it firmly so that the glue will attach. Be sure to avoid the glue from getting in contact with your finger. Wipe the excess glue from the surface and follow it up by buffing.

3. Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks Vapor Rub is one thing that is possibly present in most homes. Do you know that you can also use it as an effective solution for cracked nails?

First, you should clean your foot and wash it, especially the affected toenail. Next, apply Vicks in your finger and rub it over the nail with crack. Wear socks overnight and in the morning, wash your nail with warm water. Do it repeatedly until crack becomes less visible.

Aside from healing cracked nails, Vicks Vapor Rub can deliver a wide array of uses and benefits, including those that are shown in this short video clip.

4. Teabag

Start by cleaning your toenail and cutting a portion of a clean teabag based on the shape of the affected toenail. Next, apply a layer of clear polish on the nail, which will serve as the base coat. Place the teabag you have earlier cut and press it firmly.

When the teabag is already laid flat on your toenail, apply another layer of clear nail polish on the top. Next, buff your nails and apply another coating of clear nail polish. After this, you can now paint your nails as you would normally do and the crack is most probably already hidden by this time.

5. Moisture

When there is too little moisture, there is a tendency for the nail to be brittle and to easily crack. Keratin, when dried, makes the surface of the nail prone to splitting. With this, it will help if you can keep your nails moisturized.

Excessive moisture, on the other hand, can also be bad for your toenail. Therefore, it is important to dry your nail properly before wearing socks to prevent the presence of too much moisture.

6. Nail Repair Kit

This is probably the best solution that you can consider, although this can also be the most expensive, depending on the specific product that will be chosen. There are nail repair kits that are commercially available, complete with comprehensive instructions on how you can use them.

While there are many products that you might want to consider, one that can prove to be highly-effective is Orly Nail Rescue Kit. The kit is inclusive of nail glue, buffer, and repair powder, as well as an instruction manual to provide detailed steps on how to execute repair.

Using this nail repair kit is pretty much a straightforward task. First, brush glue on your toenail, but not on the cuticle. Dip your nail into the powder, making sure that the entire cracked portion will be covered appropriately. Lastly, buff the nail to make it smoother.

7. Improve your Diet

This may not be the quickest fix that is available, but this can prove to be one of the most effective. If you have cracked nails, this is an indication of a bad state of health. Therefore, you should consider improving your diet as the primary solution.

Your diet should include loads of fruits and vegetables to have beneficial vitamins and minerals. Biotin, a compound that is responsible for the health of your nail, is one that should be high in your food intake. At the same time, you should also increase your consumption of zinc.


Now that you are done reading, I hope that you have learned how to fix cracked toenails. With the right materials ready, this is something that you can do on your own. There is no need to hide your foot if you can easily get rid of split nails!

Is there any equally effective solution that you have tried in the past? Is there anything else you would want to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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