Ways On How To Clean Your Nubuck Shoes Effectively

Almost all types of shoes must receive treatment and pampering from its owner. It’s the way of paying back for all the times that it made us comfortable and protected even during rough times in the road and in every destination where our feet set, especially if those are the kind of shoes that are susceptible to dirt and staining.

Who wouldn’t love leather shoes? Aside from the fact that this has been part of many generations’ top choice for shoe, the materials never come out the least and in fact, it is still gathering so much attention for its smooth and elegant texture.

This article will give you pointers on how to clean your nubuck shoes and all the things that need you to know about how to take care generally.

Nubuck shoes in particular, although it is much more robust and durable compared to other types of leathers, should require more time and attention in maintaining its good condition for it is vulnerable in soiling if it’s not well taken care off. And that you must have cleaning tools and protections suitable for the nubuck type of shoes.

Look for Ways on how to Protect even from the Beginning of your Purchase

The first thing that you must take into consideration is how it is going to be protected at all times. This is one main focus from the time you first purchase it. Leather shoes are no joke investment and part of the price you bought for it is the responsibility to make it last for a long time, even if it is protected from the start with quality waterproofing and stain-proofing spray from manufacturers.

You might purchase those protection sprays as well for continuous protection from the same store you bought the shoes.

Ideally, it's best to use those sprays for up to 3 thin coats which has 8 hours dry time for each coat and 1 or two coats in a year for refresh treatments.


· Before you go to apply any shoe protection sprays, make sure the shoes are clean and free from dirt by using the brush fit for nubuck shoes.

· Do the spraying in a ventilated area.

· Make sure to wear face mask for your protection due to the kind of vapors that are not suitable for inhalation. You must leave the area at once after spraying and let the air neutralize first. Not good for weak lungs and asthmatic.

But sometimes, there are plenty of reasons why it still best not to soak your shoes all the time. As I mentioned above, use protection sprays only once or twice a year. And you have to rely on these simple cleaning steps for your satisfaction.

All you need are:

· Nubuck brush

· Nubuck eraser

· Sandpaper

· Sponge

· Dry nubuck cloth

Start to clean the shoes on these general steps

Clean Your Nubuck Shoes


Start the cleaning by wiping or erasing. Using the nubuck cloth or sponge, wipe the entire surface. This is not only for erasing out the dirt but also to remove light soiling and spots.

- Wrap the cloth around the sponge and roll it over to several directions and make sure that no single dirt spot would remain.

- Use brush or sandpaper if there are any fragments of dirt sticking in all base sides of the footwear before wiping the entire surface. Brush the surface in a consistent manner and only in one direction. And when using the sandpaper, rub the surface gently to avoid any unnecessary marks.

* In case of any scuff marks, use a nubuck eraser for this.

* Finish off with a brush to restore back the nap.

In fact, there are plenty of circumstances why the nubuck shoes will get dirty in just a matter of time and place.But there are also plenty of ways to bring back your shoes clean and pleasant again.

In case of water stains

All you need are:

· Nubuck brush

· Bowl with water

· Sponge

· 3 clothes


1. Get a bowl with water on it. Wet the bristles with water on the brush. Use the brush to wet the outer surface of the leather shoes. It’s not advisable to wet the leather too much, just a light amount to damp all the portions of the surface.

how to clean your nubuck shoes-In case of water stains


2. If there is excess water, pat dry the surface using sponge or dry soft absorbent cloth. Never use any types of paper or even tissue in wiping the wet surface. This would make your leather shoes more unpleasant because of the remaining white residues coming from the paper and you have to redo the brushing with water.

3. Let it air dry or if you are catching with time, you can use a blower for instant dry.

In case of mud stains

how to clean your nubuck shoes-in case of mud stain


All you need are:

· Nubuck eraser

· Butter knife

· Soft cloth

· Nubuck brush


1. Mud is naturally wet; in order to avoid stress in removing mud, let it sit for hours to complete dry for easy removing of dirt.

2. In removing dried mud stain and particles, you can use a butter knife.

3. Go over with nubuck eraser to remove any left marks and stains

4. Slightly damp your soft cloth for a complete cleaning all over the leather surface and let it dry.

5. Finish off with sandpaper and rub it gently on the surface to restore back the nap.

In case of removing gum and wax

Things you need:

· Plastic bag with an ice cube

· Dry absorbent cloth

· Butter knife or toothbrush

· Nubuck eraser and brush

· Sandpaper


1. Gum and wax are difficult to remove especially if those are still freshly stuck. So, better to let it dry first before attempting to remove it. For easy hardening, use a plastic bag with ice cube and apply in the area to where to gum or wax sticks. In case of any excess water, pat immediately with cloth

2. For remaining wax or gum, use a brush or a butter knife, or if not effective, use sandpaper.

In case of blood stains, blot it gently with cotton soaked with hydrogen peroxide. Also use this same method in case of ink stains.

In case of oil stain, apply cornstarch and let it sit for hours. Remove the starch with a brush.


Having the best care for leather shoes is so achievable with your own resources. It’s just a matter of will on taking effective measures in how to clean your nubuck shoes. Are you having the good points from this article? Drop your comments, if any, and share.

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