Do You Wear Socks on Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes , fashionably called as Topsider has become a trend in this modern world. This trend includes both genders as women have also adapted the use of boat shoe as part of their way in achieving that most sought preppy look. “Do you wear socks on boat shoes?” This is a common dilemma which is faced by the many. It has become the center of a lot of heated arguments and topics from everyone who does not share the same sentiment with each other.

Thus, we have come up with this article to provide you the most realistic and simplified reasons to answer your question. We will give you the right answers as we based it on our research and in-depth study which will also be discussed in this article.

So, Should You wear socks with your boat shoes?



Fashion and Comfort

Fashion and comfort are two splitting factors that have contributed to the long debate of whether to wear socks on boat shoes. A lot of people are concerned about wearing socks in their topsiders in a fashion sense. However, there are just those who want to maximize the comfort that this pair of shoes brings to its users.

Those who like to wear ensembles would agree that aside from guiding their sweaty feet, they also enjoy the bright and patterned socks which they pair with their topsiders as it allows them to express themselves more. However, fashion enthusiasts state that wearing such would be a fashion disaster.

Also, people with sweaty feet hide their discomfort behind their socks. They prefer to wear socks with whatever shoes they will be wearing. They do not care about fashion or how horrible they look as long as they can prevent their feet from sweating and ditch the gross feeling inside their show.

Let us not even talk about the mixture of calluses and the leather breaking in. Although there are already powders and creams available in the market to streamline it, it only lessens the pain few percentage down. Now, talk about fashion pain!

A lot of people would go for whatever which makes them comfortable. If they are comfortable wearing socks with their boat shoes, then it is fine. However, they might reconsider using socks with their boat shoes while fishing since there is nothing more comfortable than soggy shoes.

The Verdict:

As much as I would like to be on the middle ground and tell you the most cliché line which human has ever invented, “Go, do your own thing!” It is just not proper for me to let you stroll around the city with your stripe-patterned socks on your boat shoes. Aside from the obvious reason that it makes you look too groovy or “clownesque,” wearing socks with your topsiders lose its casual summery aesthetics.

Wearing boat shoes is supposed to make you feel fresh and relaxed. It should get you feel less uptight and covered. Boat shoes are meant to give you an open and liberated feeling.

So, why make it difficult for you and your feet by wearing socks? Let your feet feel comfortable and let it breathe by ditching your old pair of socks.

Not comfortable going out without socks?


For those whose feet get sweaty easily or for the feet-etiquette advocates, you can opt wearing no show socks instead. Since these no-show socks will still provide you the same comfort as the regular size socks and at the same time stay invisible to the fashion police’s eyes, it will be a win-win situation for everyone. For those who enjoy their boat shoes sock less, it is best to use foot powder or odor absorbent shoe pads for added hygiene, comfort and confidence.


The feet are one of the most hardworking and most stressed parts of a human body. Even when you are relaxing on a beach during summer, your feet are still functioning and are continuously being used. Thus, the least we could do is to make it more comfortable and allow it to breathe once in a while.

The above discussion aimed to provide you the best answer to this long-time question. We have laid out all the reasons why you should go with your boat shoes without socks or at least go with the no-show socks to keep the same comfort and beauty still in place. We wished that you enjoyed reading this article and that you have gained some learning from us.

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