What to Pick: Clarks Bushacre Vs Desert Boots

Struggling between Clarks Bushacre Vs Desert Boots? We understand your dilemma. Given that they have similarities, they almost look identical. Fortunately, both of them won't force your feet to adapt to some irregular shape.

Despite the lack of ankle and arch support or steel shanks, these boots could be as comfortable as your house slippers.

However, there are also various factors to consider before making a sound decision which to choose. Both models have their pros and cons that you should know and understand, so you'll have no regrets in the end.

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The Original Desert Boot

This chukka-style boot was developed by Nathan Clark and introduced it in 1950. It was designed based on combat boots used by the British Army during World War II since Clark served in the army.

They are perfect for casual attire or any occasion with their versatile look. It is nicer than your traditional sneaker but slackens than dress shoes.

The Desert Boots go well with denim, jeans, dress shirt, khakis or t-shirt.It is the perfect footwear on warmer months without smothering your feet. But, make no mistake and immediately waterproof the suede since it is not all-purpose weather shoe. Wearing your Desert Boots when during winter can result in cold and wet feet.

It also has the following features:

  • It has a synthetic, crepe sole which is a lightweight, light-colored and bouncy rubber that provides a comfortable sole for long days.
  • Crepe soles tend to stiff in cold weather and pliable during warmer months. Thus, they are not ideal to use during winter and rainy seasons.
  • Also, features an EVA footbed for comfort and moisture control
  • It requires some break-in period because it has natural leather.
  • It provides pillow-like comfort due to the crepe soles.
  • Like the chukka, it has a soft leather construction and two pairs of eyelets for easy movement.
  • Quite more expensive than Clark Bushacre.

The crepe rubber is coagulated latex. Hence, it has a naturally soft, bumpy texture that provides comfort. However, the crepe leather tends to get irreparably dirty, and it seems that the dirt gets stuck in the rubber.

The Original Desert boots are not your typical boots. Since they have crepe soles, it tends to be chunky and soft. After a few weeks of wearing it, users are starting to feel disappointed that the light colored crepe soles turned dark and messy.

Remember that all Desert Boots are considered Chukka but not all Chukkas can be Desert Boots. Most of the time, people tend to interchange these terms. We can say that the Bushacre is a chukka boot since it has a leather sole.

If you prefer boots that are simple, versatile, fashionable and reasonably inexpensive at the same time, the Desert Boots are a perfect choice. It is available in earth tone colors that fit a wide selection of outfits but more users like the Beeswax color more.

Clarks Bushacre

What makes Bushacre looks almost the same with the Original Desert Boots is because it was designed based on it. However, this classic boot for men has a different sole. Buschare has solid, durable rubber soles and a shiny, single layer of dark leather upper that has a thin profile sole.

You can also waterproof them by following the waterproofing guide. Thus, you can use the boots during winter and snow while keeping your feet dry. Likewise, it is also less expensive than the Original Desert Boots.

  • The rubber outsoles make this pair ideal for walking on gravel and uneven surfaces and terrains.
  • The latest variations of Bushacre incorporate more liner combined with its leather inside.
  • Easy to clean soles that won’t suck up dust and dirt.
  • It also requires a break-in period but much longer than the Desert Boots since it has a stiffer sole.
  • Regarding construction, it was made of full-grain leather uppers.

While the Desert Boot could be more comfortable, many opt using the Bushacre. Its leather uppers shine if it's well-polished. The insoles have also stitched a canvas which cemented on the sole.

However, wrong sizing is the most common issues with these boots since they tend to be one size larger than the specified size.

Follow Your Style

The thing is we have different tastes and preferences. Some people love their shoes or boots to have proper support, stiff, stable and harder soles and have full-grain leather materials.

However, some just love the freedom of wearing floppy, squishy crepe soles whether they get dirty in a few weeks time of use.

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