How To Make Flower Pots From Your Old Shoes? Discover The Cheapest Ways

All of us love to plant flowers and other greenery in homes. Whether we have a big house or small, we all love doing gardening to make our homes a better and greener place to live in than ever before.

Many innovative and excellent ideas are available that can add greenery in your house. Most of us have this creative thing, which can help us in creating distinctive ideas to enhance the beauty of our garden.

People grow flowers in glass bowls or vases. There are many innovative products available in the market to grow flowers, which are hydroponic. Have you ever thought of something, which is readily inside your home? You may use this to plants your vegetables and flowers.

Have you ever imagined yourself growing vegetables, home-friendly plants and flowers inside your shoes and old boots?

Yes, these shoes which might be of no use for you can be turned into that very beautiful flower pot. You can always plant these flowers in those terracotta or clay pots, but planting flowers in your discarded canvas, leather or any stylish shoes is a distinct idea. Who would have thought of creating your old, rugged canvas shoes/boots into beautiful looking flower pots?

Do not throw them away. Now making a flower pot from the boots is such an easy thing with lots of fun involved, especially in the backyard of the garden. Planting flower pots in unused or recycled things isn’t a new idea but making a flower pot out of old shoes is.

Here are some ideas that you can turn your old boots or shoes into a hydroponic or soiling flower pot. Here are the things that you need to get to make cute little flower pots out of those colorful shoes which are of no use to you now. But can prove to be a unique idea for your home/garden décor.

Things You Will Need

  • An old pair of canvas shoes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paints, markers, stickers (optional)
  • Drill, screwdriver or hammer and nail
  • Gravel, sand (optional)
  • Pebbles for decoration ( optional)
  • Planting soil
  • Seedlings

After collecting all these things, get a pair of old shoes or boots, which you are planning to discard. It is simple DIY tasks; you can make your guests say, ‘Wow!’ when they enter you garden/backyard.

Steps to Make Boot Planters

1. Choose Shoes And Get Them Ready For Plantation

It is not necessary that you require only canvas shoes. You can take any of that old pair of shoes, which you think are quite shabby to wear. So you can fetch any shoes from your closet.

Remove the inner soles from your shoes. Wipe off that dirt from your shoe. Make it look neat and tidy. Now apply two or three coats of acrylic paint to make your shoes look nice and colorful. This is optional. Let it dry out completely. Decorate your shoes with different artwork with paint or stickers.

2. Drill Holes In Your Shoes

The next thing in your kitty should be that small driller, which you need to drill a few small holes into those shoes. It is essential that you allow drainage within the bottom of your boots by drilling holes. Here, air seeps in, which will help the plant to grow. If water remains steady inside your boot, then the roots of your plant may get stale rotting your complete plant.

You may use a hammer or a large nail to create and punch holes; in case, you do not have a drilling machine.

3. Position Your Shoes Correctly

Next step is to keep your boots in an upright position; once you are set with the boots, fill them with soil used for potting.

4. Soil Bots and Decorate The Opening

Start soiling from the toes and then fill the boots up half the way towards the top. Keep pressing the soil with your hands, giving it a push in the downwards direction. This will ensure good drainage.

You can also put those colorful pebbles onto the top of the soil once you are done with soiling. Make a small hole with your fingers in the soil that is potted.

5. Add Plant To The Boot Pots

Now very cautiously remove your plant from the temporary plastic pot and place it in the boot pot. Cover the plant using some more soil and pebbles and gravel. Fill it till the top of your shoe. You can now call this a shoe plant.

6. Water Your Plants

Spray water thoroughly using a spray nozzle bottle. If you see that soil is settling down after watering your flower pot, then add a little more soil to it. And spray water again.

To keep your plant growing and blooming, you will be required to keep spraying water regularly, because in such boot pots water might evaporate or dry out quite fairly quickly.

7. Provide The Right Amount Of Light To Plants

Keep your boot planter in some shady place and save those cute, little flowers from direct sun. You can also hang your shoe pot onto the wall of your porch or garden by making a couple of more flower pots out of that old pair of shoes.

Let see the unique pot flower:

Gardening involves various benefits and by trying such innovative ideas, your homes would be delightful. Beautify your garden, backyard, or porch using this innovative garden designing idea. Flaunt your green space by adding a hint of uniqueness this way. Happy Gardening!

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