Black-Tie Brown Shoes: 5 Tips to Choose a Pair That Fits!

Heading to a black-tie event? The first thing that you have to think about is what to wear for the event. It is a formal gathering, which means that you should find the right clothes. You should be dressed right from head to toe.

If you are looking for the best black-tie brown shoes, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of the most important factors to consider. By keeping these things in mind, it will be easy to choose a footwear that will make you look at your best in a dapper suit.

Before we list down some of the essential considerations, let us first discuss what a black-tie event is. It refers to a dress code for social events that happen after 6 in the evening. It is a fancy dinner party where men are expected to wear a tuxedo, which should be perfectly paired with the right shoe.

For most people, black leather shoes are commonly worn in black-tie events. The problem, however, is that it becomes too common. For men who dare to be different and would want to appear more casual while still being formal, brown shoes are preferred.

1. Consider the Type of Shoe

There are many types of shoes that can be worn by men, but not all of them will be perfect for a formal event. You should avoid wearing desert boots, loafers, and boat shoes since they have a more casual style.

Among others, one popular style that you might want to consider is the Oxford, which is perhaps one of the classics. It comes with closed laces that will take little effort to adjust. A perforated wingtip is one of its common features.

An equally popular option is the Derby. They look almost the same as the Oxford, with one of the main differences being the fact that it is designed with an open lace. It may appear to be less formal, but it does not mean that you cannot use it for a black-tie event.

You might also want to consider wearing a dress boot. It is commonly a lace-up boot that has brogue wingtip. It can be a variation of the Oxford or Derby, except that the shaft is longer.

2. Look at the Quality

Almost all of the black-tie brown shoes you can find on the market are made from leather. However, this does not mean that they are all the same. Pay attention to the quality of the lather and make sure that it is genuine. This will be critical not only for aesthetics, but for your comfort as well.

A top-notch choice for leather is one that has just the right balance of suppleness and firmness. Among the specific types, French calfskin is one of the favorites, which is especially common in expensive footwear. Cordovan leather can also be impressive, but they can be quite stiff, and hence, you need to wait for some time to break it in.

3. Make Sure of the Fit

Another essential consideration in your search for the best is to make sure that it has the right size. If it is too big, there is a risk that it will go of your foot, which will definitely be humiliating. If it is too small, on the other hand, it will obviously be tight and will restrict your movement.

When thinking about the size, do not just look at the length of the shoe. You should also look at the width of the shoe. If you have a wide foot, choose a shoe that will be perfect for your specific condition.

4. Consider the Design

For black-tie events, the design should be toned down and sophisticated. Do not choose shoes that seem to be an attention seeker. The simpler, the better. But this does not mean that you should nolonger pay attention to its appearance.

One of the things that should be looked at is the shape of the toe. It should never be too pointy, too square, or too round. When it comes to heels, on the other hand, keep it at a minimum, especially if you are already tall. See to it that the heels will be suited for the design of the suit you will wear.

5. Comfort Above All

At the end of the day, it does not matter if the black-tie brown shoes are expensive. The most important is to make sure that you will feel comfortable. It should be made from a flexible upper that will move with you and will not lead to discomfort.

Formal events usually take a couple of hours. From dinner to cocktails, you will not only be seated most of the time, but you will also be going around and meeting other people. If you are uncomfortable with your footwear, it will most probably be apparent on how you are acting.


From the things mentioned above, we hope that it is now easier for you to make the right choice for black-tie brown shoes. It is not enough to pick one that makes you look more of a gentleman, but consider other factors as well. With the right footwear, you can make the right impression in a formal event.

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