Black Friday Basketball Shoes Reviews (Everything you need to know)

The Black Friday sale is one of the most anticipated events by most of us. I mean, who would want to miss the biggest sales and discounts of the best deals of the year, right?

Well, it’s surely is a great time to buy nice Black Friday basketball shoes to take care of your feet until the next year. However, with the large volumes and numbers of basketball shoes available in the market today, it could be hard to choose the absolute best that suits all your needs.

That’s why we have come up with these trampoline reviews to hopefully help you find the perfect match for you. We have conveniently included the top brands and models of basketball shoes plus their important features and highlights. 

Five Best Black Friday Basketball Shoes

Just like in buying any good investment, it pays to research about the features first before making a decision. In order to help you compare the best shoes available to you, here are their brief product reviews.

1. Nike Youth KD 8 Basketball Shoe

This model from Nike is part of a series of some of the highest quality and best performing shoes from Nike. The shoes feature full coverage cushion and amazing traction. With the perfect size, you also get excellent support.

● It offers a modified herringbone pattern on the rubber sole that appears to be almost digitized. These offer reliable traction on the hardwood court.

● The new full-length articulated Zoom Air cushion unit provides a very explosive and springy support at the sections underneath the balls of the feet. The full-length cushion also flexes better than most other shoe models.

● The lightweight Phylon cushion is responsive yet stable.

● The shoes use a performance woven material called Flyweave that’s comfortable, high-performance, and durable

● The woven material used in the upper allows for a shorter break-in period than other plastic materials.

● The lockdown is secure and pretty solid.

● The forefoot fits snuggly to keep the feet in place.

● The Flywire cables in specific areas of the sole provide reinforcements during lateral movements.

● Form-fitting uppers follow the natural shape of your feet for better support and comfort.

● The flat and wide unit ensures stability and prevents collapse or folding os the bag.

2. Air Jordan 11 Retro “72-10” Basketball Shoes

Some people say that this model is one of the most anticipated basketball shoe releases of the year. Based on the 1995 to 1996 Chicago Bulls team, the color combination is a more modern take on the classic red and black colorway.

● Stylish looking leather upper and translucent rubber sole.

● The durable rubber outsole features a herringbone pattern for excellent traction and stability.

● The tumbled leather upper and shiny patent leather rand are both pleasant to look at and durable.

● Excellent comfort is provided by the soft padded collar.

● The synthetic overlays also provide a supportive fit, especially on the forefoot.

● The Velcro brand strap fastener ensures a snug and secure fit.

● Superior cushioning is guaranteed by the encapsulated air-sole units.

● These shoes fit perfectly and true to their size.

3. Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan Retro 10 Basketball Shoes

One of the best on-court options, these shoes offer all features a player could ask for. The shoes are crafted incredibly using the finest materials.

● These require no break-in period and can be used on-court straight out of the box.

● The overall traction is solid and stable on any court surface condition and all sorts of movements like sudden stops, quick cuts, crosses, or jab steps.

● Offer good cushioning with the Phylon midsole to provide smooth heel-to-toe transitions without compromising court feel.

● You get what you pay for regarding materials. Each pair is handcrafted with organic, high-quality materials.

● Fits fantastically for an easy, quick, and pain-free breaking in period.

● Retain their shape despite being made of pliable leather.

● Secure and snug fit.

● The mesh tongue provides ventilation.

● Provides minimal yet effective support especially along the midsole section which features a molded arch.

4.Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men's Basketball Shoes

These Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men’s Basketball shoes are also another solid choice, suitable for any position on the court floor.

● These shoes offer good traction, especially on a really clean court.

● They have a target Lunarlon at the forefoot and heel inside the Phylon midsole.

● These are ideal for guard players but also work for center play.

● Impact protection is low profile yet satisfactory.

● The materials used are fuse and mesh, both of which are breathable, flexible, and durable.

● Fit true to fit lengthwise.

● Near perfect support thanks to the dynamic Flywire keeping the feet secured to the footbed, the TPU shank giving torsional support, and heel cups preventing your heels from shifting too far sideways.

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes

Last but certainly not the least, these basketball shoes offer excellent cushion and consistency in every other category. They are also suitable for any player, whether for quick and explosive or slow and big movements.

● They offer excellent traction for your peace of mind all throughout the game.

● Cushioning provides an amazing extra boost, comfort, responsiveness, and impact absorption.

● Brings utmost stability thanks to the soft rubbery TPU wrap on the lateral midsole section that supportively hugs the heel while allowing the heel to spread.

● These shoes feature unrestricted durable Primeknit material. Meaning, there are no glued or fused pieces, but a solid, continuous piece of Primeknit lined with Nylon on strategic places to prevent too much stretch.

● They also fit true to the size.

● The lockdown is great despite only four eyelets.

● A brace can be worn with the shoes without having to get a larger size.

● Only requires a brief break-in period thanks to the stretchable knitted upper.

● These have a stable, wide, flat platform with a TPU cage and spring plate for utmost torsional support and stability.

What to Look for When Choosing Basketball Shoes on Black Friday

In order for you to understand how these shoes were chosen as the best, here are some tips regarding the factors you should consider when buying a pair:

● Before purchasing anything, decide on a budget and stick to it. Sure, quality usually comes with a price, but there are always good deals that will give you the best possible product at a price range you can afford.

● Next, you should seek a sneaker with great traction. Lately, almost all new shoe releases feature excellent traction, but you also have to make sure that these work on multiple playing surfaces. The outsole is an important factor and whether or not it will provide the traction or grip that you need depends on the material and its durability. The thickness, softness, and the pattern of the sole also has a lot to do with its function. For instance, softer rubber materials are meant for indoor use while more durable; harder rubber soles work better outdoors.

● Durability is another important factor. While lightweight basketball sneakers are currently in the spotlight, finding one that is both light and durable is hard. So, you might have to compromise a little weight for the longevity of a pair.

● The choice of materials used for shoes often dictates how durable, easy to clean, and comfortable they will be. Usually, plant-based synthetic uppers withstand the most damage while raw synthetic materials feel the nicest but will give up more easily. There are many options today, however, that combine the benefits of these two. You just have to keep an eye out for them.

● No matter how high quality or durable the materials are and how great a pair’s features are, ill-fitting shoes will just do you more damage than good. Make sure that your shoes fit perfectly by having your feet professionally measured, especially if you often buy your shoes online. Otherwise, you might suffer from pain, discomfort, or even injuries for having to have to do with too-tight or too-loose basketball shoes. It’s also smart to choose materials like suede and leathers rather than hard, plastic-based synthetic materials. Although the latter is more durable, the former will break in more easily and stretch or follow your feet’s natural form over time.

● Comfort is another important factor to consider. With today’s technology, many brands have been able to make soles that offer the best arch support and cushion for the most comfortable experience. Air-based and foam cushions are two of the best choices, the only difference between which is their responsiveness. Air-based cushions generally are more responsive than foam, meaning, they return a bit of the impact that goes into them. However, foam cushions are now becoming more and more responsive, although this trait does not last very long.

● Style, on the other hand, depends largely on your personal preference. Some people look at style more than they do about price while some people couldn’t care less about how their shoes look like as long as they perform well. Either way, be careful about choosing the style and construction of the shoes you buy as these can also affect their overall durability and comfort.

● Your body size, body type, weight, and height are also important factors to consider when looking for shoes, especially if you prefer signature sneakers. Often, models or players where these signature brands are based have a specific body type for which the shoes are designed. For example, LeBron James is a tall guy who needs much more support and less mobility than players with smaller body builts. Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose signature shoes, on the other hand, are built light and low to the ground for lighter, quicker players. Kevin Durant shoe lines are made for all-around play as well, but since Durant is tall, they also provide a certain level of flexibility and support. Consider individual and team models to choose the kind of shoes that will cater to your needs.

● Remember your style of play and position when looking for the best basketball shoes. Different playing styles require different levels of support, cushion, traction, lockdown, and fit, or a combination of these. If you tend to occupy several places on the court, there are also shoes made for all-around players.


We hope that these Black Friday Basketball shoes reviews and considerations can help you choose which brand and model of basketball shoes best suits your taste and needs!

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