Can’t find the best shoes for walking on concrete all day? You Need to Read This Guide!

Commuting is the fastest way to travel. A few minutes on the subway and you are at your destination. No Traffic. Isn’t that nice? A few minutes inside a taxi and you are there! No hassle! But sometimes, walking is a better choice. There are distances too short for a commute! And besides, walking is enjoyable too!

It’s only fitting to have the best shoes for walking on concrete (all day!). Here are some shoes you may want to consider.

Review of the 5 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete (All Day)

Wondering what are the best shoes for working on concrete all day in the market today? Don’t look any further! I have researched for you and below are the top 5 picks for walking shoes in the market and a few of their pros and cons.

1. Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes for Men – Editor’s Pick

Designed with velvety nubuck or full-grain upper, the shoes offer comfort and durability. The insides are lined with removable sock liner for easy maintenance. It also has HydroFlow Technology that enhances the cushioning and absorption in the midsole part. The cushions contain MoGo compound that gives the feet a stable yet cushy platform.


It also has an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which controls pronation. The shoes also have an Engineered Pod Configuration that places feet in a comfortable position for walking. The outsole is made from a trademark HPR Green material which is environment-friendly and offers skid-resistance.

The shoes come in three colors—black, brown and white. It is also available in a wide array of sizes.

Among all the shoes in the list, this is at the top because it offers a wide array of features at an affordable price.


• Removable sock liner for easy maintenance

• HydroFlow Technology for shock absorption

• MoGo Compound filled cushioning for a stable yet comfortable platform

• Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for pronation

• HPR Green outsole for skid resistance

• Roomy toe box


• A bit bulky

• Squeaks a bit

2. Skechers Sports D’Lites Memory Foam – Alternative Pick

The D’Lites Memory Foam Walking Shoe from Skechers Sports is made of leather / synthetic outer material and a rubber sole for better traction. It also has a sturdy lace up system that allows you to easily remove and put the shoe on. The lace up vamp also provides centralized support for the entire feet and helps keep the feet in place.


Featuring a cushioned midsole, padded tongue and collar, this shoe is designed to provide comfort, stability as well as support to the moving feet. It also has a memory foam cushioned comfort sole that provides comfort like no other.

The shoes come in a wide array of stylish colors and a variety of sizes. It also features a two-tone heel pull design that is eye catching.

This product comes in second because this is considered to be the best walking shoes for women.


• Shock absorbing and supportive midsole

• Lace up design for a stylish look and centralized support

• Memory foam cushioned sole for comfort

• 1 ½ inch built in heel for good feet positioning

• Flexible rubber outsole for better traction

• Stylish colors to choose from


• Not breathable enough

• A bit narrow

3. ASICS Men’s Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe – Budget Pick

The ASICs Neo 4 Walking Shoe is a lightweight walking shoe that features breathable mesh panels for your feet’s comfort. In addition to that, it has removable insole (for easy cleaning) and padded tongue (for added comfort). The shoe also has an ortholite sock liner that also offers anti-microbial protection.

To provide support and to help stabilize each step you make, the shoe features Trusstic and Duomax system in the sole geometry. On the other hand, the shoe also has gel cushioning systems on rear and forefoot area along with midsole systems that can provide your feet a properly cushioned platform to step on all day long.


The shoe is available in two different colors and wide array of sizes. The shoe features a rubber sole that provides more traction. In addition to the support and traction that it provides, the shoe is most notable for its lightweight.

Among all the products in the list, this one is the most affordable, but it has features that are comparable to the other shoes in the list.


• Removable ortholite sock liner with anti-microbial protection

• Breathable mesh panels for good airflow

• Rubber sole for better traction

• Dumax and Trusstic sole geometry for a more stable step

• Gel cushioning for feet’s comfort

• Lightweight


• A bit narrow

• Not suitable for men with wide feet

4. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe – Upgrade Pick

If you have money to splurge, The MW928 Walking shoe from New Balance is your best bet. It is a leather walking shoe that features a lace up vamp which makes the shoe easy to put on and remove. Its shaft measures about 2.33 inches from the arch and has a walking strike path outsole which gives stability and keeps feet in place.


The shoe is made using Rollbar Technology which sets the feet in a specific lift that helps in the transition that the feet undergo while walking. Also, the shoe has ABZORB support in the midfoot area which helps to absorb the shock that the legs and feet will receive.

It also has heavy cushioning on the collar and back to help prevent twist and turns of the foot. The shoes come in three different colors—black, brown and white and a wide array of sizes. With all these features, we can say that this walking shoe is worth the high price.


• Lace up vamp for easy removal and wearing

• Walking Strike Path Outsole for stability

• Rollbar Technology for the perfect shoe positioning

• ABZORB support to decrease fatigue

• Heavy interior cushioning to keep feet in place

• Best for people with plantar fasciitis​


• Leather material may easily exhibit wear and tear

5. Saucony Men’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe – Most Stylish Walking Shoes

Made from full-grain leather, the Echelon LE2 walking shoe from Saucony looks stylish. The shoe has an 8mm heel-to-toe offset that provides a more balanced platform to the feet. It also has molded EVA ComfortLite sock liner that reduces the pressure in the forefeet.

It also features a Full-length Powergrid midsole that keeps the foot in the center. The Impact Zone offers durable shock absorption to the heel. The EVA Foam enhances the durability and rebound of the shoes.


The shoes also have a carbon rubber outsole that offers long lasting wear and traction. The shoes come in three designs—black, white, white and silver and different sizes.

If you are looking for something stylish or you want a sole that will last for long, this is the walking shoe that you need.


• Full-grain leather for a stylish look

• Eva ComfortLite sock liner for reduced forefeet pressure

• Full-length Powergrid midsole to keep feet in place

• EVA Foam for feet comfort

• Carbon rubber outsole for long lasting wear


• Ventilation is not enough

• Toe box is a bit narrow

What to Consider When Looking for Walking Shoes?

Most of the time, we buy shoes based on what it looks like. Aren’t we all guilty with this? Well, at some point, I know, you have noticed that it’s just pretty, but not at all comfortable. What happens to the ill-fitting shoe? Well, it’s bound to be forgotten in the darkest corner of the basement!

I know it took a few ill-fitting pairs of shoes before we finally learned our lesson. Now, here are some criteria you may want to consider the next time you buy a pair of walking shoes.

Shape and Size

Before choosing the design, the first thing you should check is the shape. Not all people have the same shape and size of feet. That is the very reason why shoemakers make their products in different shapes and sizes.

For wider feet, it’s best to choose a shoe that has a wider toe room. It may not be the prettiest design you may prefer, but it will surely get rid of some pain while walking.

If you have slim feet, a narrow shoe will do best for you. Maybe you think that a wider toe room will give you more space to wiggle your toes. Yes, you will be able to wiggle your toes. Unfortunately, if you take long walks, the side of your toes might get blistered because of the friction while you walk.

Make sure that your feet snuggly fit your shoes. This will prevent blisters.

To know more about finding the right shoe fit, please check this video:

Sole Material

The material of the sole determines how long you will be able to use your shoes. Most of the time, walking shoes have rubber soles that can withstand a continuous beating. They also have great traction even on a wet surface to avoid accidental falls. Although, they might not be able to absorb impact.

Some other materials like Polyurethane (PU), are very light but wears off easily.

Many shoe manufacturers combine different layers of sole materials to make it more comfortable.

Cushion Thickness

This is the main stuff that will make your walking experience more comfortable. The quality of the cushion means your joints will not be abused. The thicker the cushion material, the less impact there will be on your joints.

But thicker cushion doesn’t always mean better! This can make the shoes tight. Now, when it’s tight, you might be tempted to go one size bigger. Which, unfortunately, will be longer and will look awkward.

It’s crucial to try the shoes on with the socks you frequently use to get the actual feel of what you are getting. Wearing thinner socks will do great to ease the thickly cushioned shoes. The opposite applies for shoes with thinner cushion.

Cushion Material

I hate to tell you this, but generally, the top expensive brands have the best quality of materials. Many shoes advertise memory foam cushion material which, sadly, loses its form within a few months. It seems like they are using inferior cushion materials!

But today, memory foam is becoming the new standard material for shoe cushioning. Top brands have soft memory foams and retain its shape well even through a rigorous beating.

Shoe Cut

There are three common types of shoe cuts; low, medium, and high. Low cut shoes are the most common type many people use. It is easy to wear and easy to take off.

But medium and high cut shoes have its merits too. Aside from the style, they have a great purpose. High cut shoes are made to prevent or minimize injury in case you slip. You won’t easily bet sprained with a properly tied high cut shoes!

Shoelace and Velcro

Now you know the basics of comfort, it’s time to see which method of tying your shoes is better. (Will it still be appropriate to call it tying your shoes if it has Velcro on?) Let’s look at which does a better job!

Tying your shoes with a shoelace takes a little time. But this method gives you the most control over the fit of the shoe! You can have it tight or a little loose depending on your preference.

On the other hand, Velcro makes wearing and taking off easily. Unfortunately, Velcro is subject to wear and tear. There will be a time that your Velcro tape will not be as snug as it used to be.


Walking all day, especially on concrete, can lead to a wide array of foot issues or disorders. To prevent this, it is a must that you choose the best shoes for walking on concrete (all day). I have provided you with all the things you need to consider and information you need to know to make the right decision.

But among the shoes mentioned above, which one is the best? The clear winner is no other than the Brooks Addiction Walking shoes for men because it has all the features listed in the other products plus more—it is designed to prevent overpronation too, and you can enjoy all these features at an affordable price.

I hope that you have learned a thing or two from this article. If you have more walking shoe recommendations, please do share them with us below in the comments section!

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