The Best Shoes for Being on Your Feet All Day

Does your daily job require you to be on your feet most of the time? This will result in muscle pain and will hurt your feet. We feel your pain so we come up with our own short list of the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

What to Look For in a Shoe

Wearing comfortable shoes can make a huge difference especially if you need to walk or stand for longer hours. Wearing the wrong footwear can cause you back, heel and knee pain. These conditions can lead to more serious problems such as plantar fasciitis.

You have to take your footwear seriously as it is an important part of your working uniform. Likewise, you might be also attending to plenty of household chores that need you to walk to and fro the house.

Thus, it is crucial that you inspect the shoes and its quality first. Look for the following features when buying shoes to make sure that it is appropriate for you. Doing this will reduce your risk of having joint pain and foot injuries.

  • Make sure that it fits your foot well and supports your arches. Shoes with thick and firm soles work fine.
  • Proper cushioning is important as it provides comfort and support to your foot.
  • Consider the type of environment or the nature of your job when buying shoes. Your shoes should fit the demands of your work and can support your weight.
  • Ensure proper air circulation in your foot by choosing the shoes with ventilation ports.
  • Your shoes should not be too-tight or too loose and still have room for your toes to wiggle. Too tight shoes can cause pressure on your foot while loose shoes can result in friction.
  • Also, look for shoes with breathable yet, durable materials. Do not just base your buying decisions on the shoe color, brand or appearance.
  • Do the “kick test” to check if the shoe is too big. The shoe should stay on your foot even when you do a kicking motion.
  • It will also pay off if you consider your walking gait. This is your manner of walking.

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What to Avoid


Nowadays, most of us have our important jobs and these jobs can be quite demanding. If you feel pain or muscle cramps in your feet and legs after a long day at work, it is time for you to buy better shoes. There are specific types of shoes that you can wear according to your needs.

It is also possible that you are working on wet and slippery surfaces so you have to carefully choose slip resistant shoes. Still, your shoes should be appropriate according to your working environment and your personal preferences.

If there are attributes to look for in a shoe, there are also things to avoid such as the following.

  •  Shoes with thin soles must be avoided especially if your job requires you to stand all day. This type of shoes does not provide support and proper cushioning.
  • Likewise, shoes with heels that are more than 2 inches are not recommended. This causes muscle cramps and other foot injuries especially if you are working on your feet all day.

Having to walk or stand and work on your feet all day is really exhausting. Aside from walking and standing, your workplace may also contain hazards and materials that could harm your feet. Apparently, our feet take the burden so it is best to invest in quality and comfortable shoes.

Some studies have shown the significance of wearing the right type of shoes in managing, reducing and eliminating back and leg pain. It promotes proper blood circulation as well. Most of us spend our day walking, running or standing thus our footwear matters.

Our shoes may take a toll on our health as it has an effect on how we move. It also affects our body posture so find a shoe that is not only stylish but is also comfortable and appropriate.

Our own version of the best shoes for being on your feet all day

Dansko Women's Professional Clogs

The brand known for the quality of a variety of shoes for men and women, Dansko offers shoes for those who work on their feet.

 best shoes for being on your feet all day


  • Its structure prevents straining in the hips and heels.
  • It comes in professional colors, styles and designs fit for business and casual wears.
  • Has enough room for the toes and has a wide heel area.
  • People with plantar fasciitis and arthritis prefer using Dansko as it provides them relief and arch support.
  • The footbed is made from breathable PU foam for better cooling and ventilation.


  • Because Dansko’s shoes are handmade, they may or may not fit you even if you choose the exact same size that you need. We highly recommend that you buy this pair in stores so you can actually fit them.
  • Other customers experience pain in their back and legs after using Dansko but this might be due to wrong size or fit.
  • Shoes may appear different even if you order the same design or style.
  • Some users said the top material scuffs and wear off easily.
  • A pair could be quite expensive

Skechers for Work Women's Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up

If you are not a fan of slip-on shoes, this lace-up shoes from Skechers are perfect for you!


  • Its laces offer additional support. Because it resembles a running shoe, you can expect that it is lightweight and made from durable leather.
  • It is skid resistant and has deep groves in the outsoles that help prevent slipping while its athletic cushioning will provide you comfort and support for a day’s work.
  • It has a roomy sole area for more stability in your every step and has a wide toe area allowing your toes to wiggle and breathe.
  • The shoe fits exactly with your size even if you need to install orthotic or gel inserts.


  • Some users were disappointed as it lacks support in the arch area and the shoe is not ideal to use in fast-paced working environments. They need to buy additional insoles for better arch support.
  • Others are also complaining that they bought this same pair of shoes from Sketchers but the quality is not the same. They bought a pair that has stiff footbed and synthetic upper area. We suggest that you buy from trusted sellers only to avoid purchasing fake shoes.

Rockport Men's We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

Another brand favorite is Rockport. Specifically, their Chranson Walking shoes offer various features that make it ideal for standing and walking all day. They also have walking shoes for women.


  • This shoe is designed with the Walking Platform Technology that provides a better support system. You can adjust the shoe laces according to your fit. Its outsole is made from EVA outsole for better grip and traction.
  • It features leather insole, EVA footbed and memory foam which, are sure to provide long-lasting comfort. The footbed is replaceable and removable.
  • The shoe may appear tough but it is breathable and prevents you from having foot odor while keeping your feet fresh all day.
  • Some consumers have been using this shoe for years and they swear by its sturdiness and comfort.


  • Others find it difficult to use their inserts such as prescription orthotics in this Walking Shoes as it tends to become too tight. This is due to the enclosed design of the shoes.
  • Likewise, some people feel that these shoes are too hard, too narrow and tough on their feet. We recommend that you have an actual fit of this shoe before buying it.
  • This is not as wide in terms of width compare to other shoes.

New Balance Men's Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe 

This New Balance shoes suit both men and women. It resembles cross training shoes which, makes it ideal for walking and standing all day even in concrete surfaces.


  • It is slip resistant to water, soap, and oil. It also has an additional cushioning on its heels that help prevent foot injuries.
  • Soft soled yet, has high traction. It also offers better arch support and is lightweight.
  • It also features an EVA midsole that is lightweight and comfortable to the feet.
  • You can wear orthotic inserts with this shoe for more support and pain management if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.


  • Some reviews mentioned that their pair of New Balance Mid626K2 easily wear and tear apart. Again, you should only buy from trusted sellers and merchants to ensure the authenticity of the product.
  • Others are disappointed even after allowing their shoes to break in because they feel uncomfortable. They also believe that it is not really slip-resistant compared to other shoes they’ve tried.

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Our list would not be complete without Crocs shoes! They also carry the APMA Seal, ensuring that you will only get a comfortable and affordable pair of shoes.


  • If your job permits you, try using Crocs’ classic clog. These are lightweight slip-on shoes that are easy to wear.
  • We are so sure that these shoes offer proper ventilation that will keep your feet cool all day.
  • The heel strap also gives that secure fit so it won’t slip back and forth even when the shoe gets wet.
  • It is also available in different colors to suit your preference and personality.
  • Its rubbery material makes it odor-resistant and easy to clean and dry.
  • The brand also offers little less expensive slip-on shoes compared to other brands.


  • Not everyone is pleased with this shoes’ appearance because they associate with clown shoes.
  • It is also not as professional looking compared to other walking shoes in our list.
  • The size may also differ from your actual size or may have narrower width. It is still best to buy them in stores to find the perfect fit.


Wearing the right footwear, especially when working, is crucial for all of us. Aside from giving us that professional look, our shoes can also help us prevent acquiring foot injuries.

For this category, we can say that Dansko’s Women’s Professional Clog wins! It offers features that are significant for keeping our feet healthy and strong while working for longer hours.

It provides the much-needed arch support and skid resistance plus, it is affordable than other brands. You can achieve that professional look without suffering your foot! Just make sure to buy it with return shipping options just in case the size won’t fit.

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