Top 6 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviewed in 2018

Playing soccer should be a whole lot of fun and it should be something that you can get out and do whenever you want, but what about if you don’t really want to ‘get out’ and play?

Playing soccer indoors can be a whole lot of fun and finding the best indoor soccer shoes can actually be a whole lot easier than you might think. Just take a look right here.

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

There are plenty of different shoes out there that feature excellent quality and excellent performance, but finding just which ones you want for yourself or your child isn’t always easy. Here, we’ve taken a look at a range of great shoes and found some that are the best of the best.

When you’re looking for that next pair of shoes for yourself you’ll definitely want to look at each of these, which offer different features and plenty of popular aspects to go along with them.


  • Pre-molded EVA midsole
  • TRAXION outsole provides grip
  • Extended tongue
  • No-chafe heel counter
  • Soft sole


  • Heel is a little bit high
  • Long studs that sink into outdoor fields
  • Somewhat heavy


The Adidas Performance Mundial Cleat is designed for men of all ages who are looking to get into soccer, without the hassle of playing outdoors. Designed by a well-known sports brand, these cleats can give you a bit of everything.


  • Adidas branded shoes
  • Plenty of size options
  • Designed to fit comfortably
  • Provides excellent grip

The Adidas Performance Mundial Cleat has a standard look and feel but slightly more comfortable. It’s made with leather and a rubber sole, which provides plenty of support while running or kicking the ball. The synthetic lining helps to increase overall comfort and the EVA insole and midsole are designed to keep your feet more comfortable while conforming to every move you need to make.

These shoes work on just about any surface and have great traction, though they are a little bit heavier than other soccer shoes. Ideal for any use because of the high-quality, these shoes are designed to last a very long time because of the leather and they work in wet or dry conditions without problems if you do choose to play outside.


  • Don’t wear out quickly
  • Look great
  • Provide plenty of support
  • Work for everyday
  • High-quality grip


  • Arch is too high
  • Tip of tongue extends high up the foot
  • Run slightly small


Designed for playing indoor soccer, these shoes can actually be used for just about anything, including everyday wear. Just take a few minutes to check them out yourself and you’ll realize why they’re the popular (and comfortable) choice.


  • Well known company
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Can be worn everyday
  • Plenty of size options

The Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe is made with leather in either white with black accent or black with white accent. The uppers are full-grain leather while it features a high-quality non-marking gum rubber for the outsole. The outsole makes it great for playing soccer indoors for traction and more.

Overall, these shoes are an inexpensive purchase that will last a long time due to the high-quality materials. They don’t have to be used only for soccer because they are very comfortable and ideal for any purpose. Made by a brand known for their high-quality sporting apparel and equipment, these shoes are lightweight and work well for anything you need during that next game.


  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Suede toe cap
  • Rubber outsole
  • Work well for everyday and other sporting events
  • Break in quickly and easily


  • Squeaky while breaking in
  • Run slightly small
  • High tongue


With these Adidas Samba Soccer-Inspired Sneakers, you get high-quality and you get a couple options on your classic design. Made by a company you can definitely trust, they fit great and give you a great performance on the field and off.


  • Well-known brand
  • Extremely comfortable shoes
  • Very good fit

The Adidas Samba Soccer-Inspired Sneakers are designed for anyone who wants to look like they’re heading out on the field, even when they’re not. While you definitely can wear these shoes for your indoor soccer game, you can also wear them as an everyday shoe.

They are made with full-grain leather uppers as well as a suede toe cap that provides more protection and durability. Not only that but they have grippy outsoles that are designed to help you while running. Just make sure you treat them a little before wearing to make sure the squeaking doesn’t bother you like it does for some people.


  • Fit comfortably out of the box
  • Several color options
  • Removable insoles
  • Everyday shoe
  • Reasonably durable


  • Most of shoe is canvas
  • Somewhat narrow
  • Not enough heel support


The Adidas Samba MC Lifestyle Sneaker is designed to keep you comfortable no matter what you’re looking for and definitely while playing soccer indoors. At a low price, it’s definitely a shoe you can count on.


  • Fit very comfortably
  • Looks great in multiple colors
  • Materials are durable

If you’re looking for a shoe that can help you in your next indoor soccer game the Adidas Samba MC Lifestyle Sneaker is definitely a good choice. It fits well right out of the box, without having to spend a lot of time adjusting or breaking them in. They also come in a range of colors so you can get what you want and what fits your style. You can easily keep them clean and slip them on when you’re ready to play that next game.

If you’re looking for an everyday shoe this one will work just fine as it’s comfortable even over an extended period. If you want a different type of insole these ones are removable so you can replace them with whatever you like.


  • Low price point
  • Range of color options
  • Range of size options
  • Leather upper and Michelin rubber soles
  • Unique look and style


  • Run a little large
  • No heel or arch support
  • Not for everyday wear


With these Kelme Star 360 Soccer Shoes, you’re getting a pair of high-quality shoes that are priced much cheaper than you would expect. They have a very unique style, but one that you’re going to find that you love


  • Leather uppers and rubber soles provide high-level support
  • Great grip/traction
  • Great quality for indoor soccer


  • Iconic Nike style
  • Rubber soles
  • Very durable
  • Feel comfortable for everyday
  • Great air vents throughout


  • Run narrow
  • Run slightly small
  • Not ideal on wet ground


The Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe is made with plenty of air vents to help keep your foot comfortable while running and also with durable rubber soles. It’s comfortable enough for everyday wear but still strong enough for support while playing.


  • Well-known brand
  • Moderate pricing
  • Excellent size options

What To Look For In

Upper Materials

The key is getting quality uppers, as this is going to significantly impact the quality of your shoe and the length of time that it will last. Leather is generally the best option with natural or kangaroo leather being the best of the best. You will find some options that are knit, mesh or synthetic, which may provide a little more breathability but not quite as much support. Natural leather and kangaroo leather are going to provide you with plenty of support, durability, and flexibility, which is definitely going to help you improve your game. Unfortunately, some areas make these harder to get because they are made with real leather.

Total Weight

You definitely don’t want a pair of boots that are too heavy because it’s going to slow you down out there on the field. On the other hand, you don’t want something that’s too lightweight if that means it’s also not going to be durable. Anything at or below 8 ounces is going to be a good shoe, but make sure that the quality is going to be good as well and that you’re not just getting a lightweight shoe because it’s made of something that is subpar when compared to a pair of leather shoes.


Okay, so you’re looking for shoes that are going to work well for you while you’re playing sports, but you definitely want them to look good too. What that means for you is definitely up to you, but you’ll find that there are plenty of options in colors and styles for indoor soccer shoes. The key is making sure you keep looking around and don’t sacrifice the quality that you’re looking for just to get a cool color or design. Remember, the style of your shoes should be the last aspect that you consider, after the quality and the weight and the versatility.

Which Soccer Shoes Should You Buy?

Overall, each of these shoes has a lot to offer. In general, however, the best of the options here is the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe. It has a range of different features that make it a good all-around shoe for anyone who wants to play indoor soccer or just wear the shoe whenever they want. They have good support and they have a moderate price that works great for most. All in all, they definitely seem to be a good value for what you spend.

No matter which of these shoes you choose, however, you’re going to see a great deal of quality features and quality materials to choose from. Each one has a different style and a different set of quality features that you’ll want to look into and once you’ve had a chance to see each one you’ll be able to choose the ideal pair for yourself. Remember, just because your friends think that a certain pair is the best one around doesn’t mean that you’re going to feel the same way. It’s going to be entirely up to you to find what fits your needs best.

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