35 Best Footwear Blogs – Follow Them To Figure Out The Best Choice For Your Feet

Are you a shoe aficionado that loves everything there is about the fashion of your feet? Well then you’re going to love this list that helps you figure out all the things you want from your shoes (or at least that’s what it does for me). You’ll find the absolute best footwear blogs right here, with a little bit of everything.

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*** Cute Shoes and Styles ***

These are some of the best blogs if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. You’ll find out a whole lot more about what types of shoes are out there and get a good variety from each one of these blogs, which is definitely going to make it a lot more fun.

Famousfootwear Helps You Understand Your Shoes

Understanding your shoes and what they’re telling other people about you is definitely going to be easy with Footnotes. Founded and run by Famous Footwear, this blog is going to help you find out about all the different types of shoes and how they’re going to fit in with your wardrobe.

What’s better than finding out the hottest shoe trends and just how to apply them to your own fashion favorites? Footnotes will definitely show you that there are plenty of shoe options, shoe styles and a whole lot more.

Shoe Tease Teases New Styles

There are plenty of different colors, styles and designs to the shoes that are out there and with Shoe Tease it’s possible to discover everything you want about them. The articles here are going to tell you all about the latest styles and the best ways to wear some of your favorite shoes. Not to mention you’re going to get some ideas on other accessories to wear as well.

Whether it’s understanding your favorite white sneakers, matching up your Mary Jane’s or finding the hottest shoes for the season, it’s all right here by Shoe Tease.

Everyone Needs People Footwear

The cutest shoes are the ones that are in vogue, and People Footwear is going to help you find all of them. There are different categories including Press, Day Out With People and more. The blog will help you understand different types of shoes and also will give you a chance to look at shoe articles from a variety of different magazines.

Whether it’s Instyle, Teen Vogue or just about anything else, you’ll get a lot of options. You can even find a range of videos that will clue you in to what’s going on in the fashion world.

The Shoe Snob For The Pride In Us All

Are you a shoe snob? If you are then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at this blog that’s completely devoted to people just like you. The best of the best in high class shoes take up residence here so you can find out everything you ever wanted to know (and more).

You’ll learn about the fanciest shoes and how to wear them properly as well as a few other high quality accessories and some other tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the shoes you really want in order to look your best. This page is definitely for the high class individual looking to show off their style.

Size Definitely Matters

Different types of shoes can be a great addition to your collection and with Size you’ll be able to figure out just which shoes you really want. Whether you’re looking for something super casual or something you can wear on a run, you’ll find information, reviews and a whole lot more right here.

There’s even information about different publications that will help you find out about shoes, both old and new styles. So there’s definitely no reason not to check out the super sweet shoes that are coming out (or have already come out) for this season and are now being reviewed by Size.

Wear It To The Office

You will find the cutest shoes of any style on Office, which lets you get a great variety of heels, flats, sandals and a whole lot more. The page even has their own Instagram profile where you can check out a whole bunch of great shoes and you’ll really enjoy the fashion that goes along with it.

Looking for something super cute you can wear for a night out on the town or a casual day with some friends? That’s what you’re going to find here, which is definitely going to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself and your look.

Stan’s Footwear Gets You Off On The Right Foot

It’s always fun to have the cutest shoes no matter what the season or your style preference. Stan’s Footwear has everything you’re looking for when it comes to some cute shoes, especially when you want something summery. There are all different types of summer shoes, after all, so why not take some time to find your favorites?

You can even find out more about different types of shoes and what you should be wearing through their Facebook and other online pages, so you’re always going to be prepared for whatever you want to wear next.

Shoeaholics Anonymous For The Recovering Addict in Us All

Okay, be honest, are you a Shoeaholic? Well then Shoeaholics Anonymous is the perfect place for you. This blog is about everything shoe related from telling the difference between real and fake versions of your favorite name brand shoes to how you can get the best deal and how to pick out your new favorite pair.

You’ll have no problem finding interesting articles on this blog, no matter what type of shoes you like best or what your favorite fashionable looks are. It’s all about finding something fun and unique and this blog has no problem helping you figure out exactly that.

Shoetique The Boutique of Shoes

Guides to picking the perfect sandals, guides for the perfect outfits for the season and a whole lot more are all over the Shoetique blog. You’ll learn about different styles and they even have a style of the week that you’ll really want to know more about.

Just take a few minutes to check out this blog and you’re going to have a whole lot of fashionable benefits, like knowing exactly what you want to wear for that next night on the town or the next party at your office.

Shoeperwoman Is Ready to Save the Day

If you’re ready to be a superhero then you’re definitely ready for this website’s fun blog. You can check out some of the hottest shoes, clothes and accessories and find out what’s so great about them and what you should be doing to add them to your own wardrobe.

There’s no reason not to have a little bit of everything in your wardrobe and this blog is going to help you do it, too. You’ll see the hottest shoes from all the hottest brands and you’ll find out just what you should be doing with them to add them to your wardrobe and your favorites list.

Wear Testers For The Best Options

Product reviews are definitely going to help you pick out the best shoes for the next time you’re in the market and that’s what Wear Testers is all about. It’s going to help you pick out exactly the shoes that you want by helping you understand what they have to offer you.

You’ll also find some information about special deals that are going on throughout the shoe market and the newest shoes to hit the market, which is definitely going to make it easier to keep up on everything. You definitely won’t be blindsided by anything in the market anymore.

Landaustore Keeps You Up to Date

This site is about anything and everything related to the top designer versions of footwear and clothing, so you’re going to find out plenty about brands like Adidas, Nike and Lacoste. Check out the top shoes and new versions from each of these brands for men and women.

You definitely won’t be disappointed and you’ll be able to find what you should be wearing and just how you can go about getting the best ones for any outfit. This is where you’re going to find what you want for your workout or at least your workout style.

TheShoemart on Comfortable Shoes

The Shoemart is about Minnetonka shoes, whether it’s moccasins or slippers or boots or anything else in the lineup. For men or women you’ll find which of this brands iconic shoes is going to be perfect for you.

Whether you’re going to be heading out into the wilderness or you’re going to be sticking around the house for the evening, there’s something in the brand for everyone and there’s definitely plenty more in this blog as well. You’ll find out about different brands and types of shoes as well as what you should be wearing them with in a set of short blogs and tidbits to help you with your style.

Shoerazzi Will Be Chasing You In These

Celebrities are always wearing the hottest shoes and with this blog you’re going to be able to find out just what those shoes are. The blog will help you figure out what the celebs are putting on with the new styles and how you can replicate their looks to get exactly what you’re looking for this season.

You’ll see options on the shoes and pictures of the celebs wearing them. Plus, you’ll find out more about where to pick up those shoes and even what they were wearing alongside them. You can even take a look at specific celebrities and what they wear.


 *** One Style-One Brand ***

If you’ve found yourself pretty much obsessed with just one style of shoes, whether they’re fashionable, tennis shoes, or something else entirely, you’ll want to check out these blogs to see if there’s one that fits your interests. After all, thre’s a whole lot here you won’t want to miss.

Vintage Engineer Boots Are More Than Engineer Ready

The perfect pair of boots is hard to find but Vintage Engineer Boots Blog helps you figure out the best types of boots and just what you can do with them. What’s really cool is this blog also discusses different accessories and even clothes that you can wear with everything.

You’ll also be able to find out some new information about famous people and their awesome style, trade shows and a whole lot more. It’s all written from the point of view of a consumer as well, which means you’re going to get ideas that you can actually use.

Be The Sole Collector

There are all kinds of tennis shoes out there and not all of them are designed for your next jog or trip to the gym. The shoes you’ll find from Sole Collector are going to be those types of shoes. You’ll find some of the hottest options from brands like Air Jordan, Adidas and Nike (plus more of course).

You’ll find the best shoes available, reviews for the newest choices and some information about the brands themselves. Plus you’ll have access to some video reviews and information about those shoes and a whole lot more.

Evolved Footwear Keeps Evolving You

Evolved Footwear offers custom light-up shoes that you’re going to want no matter what your age and their blog helps you learn even more about their shoes and how you can make them even more unique. You can get shoes for everything from every day wear to even cute shoes for your wedding day.

There are also plenty of articles about different popular types of shoes so you can get some recommendations on just what you want for your new favorite pair of shoes. Plus everything is written with a personal style that makes it a whole lot better for reading.

Chiko Shoes For The Hot Night Out

Have you seen the types of super-hot shoes that are gracing the runways and red carpets right now? Well Chiko Shoes definitely has and they’re going to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about them. Whether it’s how you can wear them, where you can find them or even who is making them, this is the blog for everything in the hot shoe fashion market.

You’ll see everything about the shoes of fashion week around the world and a whole lot more while you’re at it, so you can bring the runway to life for yourself.

Guido Maggi’s Got It Going On

Luxury elevator shoes are Guido Maggi’s top priority but these shoes are a whole lot more versatile than you might think. In fact, they’re great for people of all ages and those with all different styles. This blog will let you know about some of the hottest styles for men and women and it will help you figure out how to turn these super fashionable shoes into the ideal outfit for you.

What’s really cool is you’ll be able to see articles about some of the hottest celebrities that are wearing these shoes as well and what brands are currently the best of the best.

Huarache Blog Gives Unique a Better Meaning

If you’ve never heard of Huarache, they’re a type of Mexican footwear that you’re definitely going to love and this blog helps you understand them as well as a whole bunch of other types of footwear.

There are different styles and designs that you can take a look at and you’ll definitely be impressed with how well this old style has held up over the years. It’s something fun and unique that you’re not going to see a lot of people wearing, which definitely makes it an even cooler idea and this blog will talk to you about what they are and how they’re made.

Sneakers Magazine Keeps Tennis Shoes at the Front of Your List

Tennis shoes don’t have to be boring and they don’t have to be only for exercise. Rather, they can easily become your next favorite pair of shoes and that’s what Sneaker’s Magazine is all about. You’ll find some of the hottest new sneakers from different brands and different countries with different reviews as well as information about new releases and shoe news.

You’ll also get some fun blog articles about revamping your collection, why these are the shoes you definitely want and which shoes are going to be your favorites when it comes to picking sides in the big brand battles.


*** Athletic  Shoes ***

Anyone who likes to head out running or wants to get in better shape will want to take a look at these pages that focus on running shoes, athletic endeavors and a whole lot more. You’ll definitely be able to get in better shape this way.

It’s a Runner’s World

Running shoes and all things exercise are the focus of Runner’s World. With this blog you’re going to find out just what shoes you need for your next run, how to find them, what mistakes you’re making picking them out and a whole lot more.

You’ll also see a whole lot of new shoe designs and style as well as the latest technology when it comes to footwear. There are a few accessories scattered through out too, so you’ll definitely be able to complete your favorite outfit even while you’re working on getting yourself in shape.

Runner Light For The New Kid on the Block

Running shoes, gear and exercise equipment are the focus of Runner Light. This is where you want to be if you’re looking for more information on what shoes you should get for exercise, how to choose them and how to get the most out of your exercise.

Anyone who is interested in fitness and any of the aspects that go along with it, such as diet and even prevention of injury, will want to take a look at the different articles that are available in this blog or you can even take the opportunity to write for the blog if you have ideas related to these topics.

Running Shoes Guru For The Top Notch

You’re going to find absolutely everything related to running on this website blog. It’s all about everything from running watches and shoes to wireless headphones that will make your next run a whole lot more fun. There’s not just information about these products in general, however, but there are also specific reviews on products that you’ll want to check out for yourself.

That’s the best part for this website, the multitude of reviews on specific shoes to figure out which ones are going to work best for you. Everything is rated so you know which ones you want and there are giveaways, events and a whole lot more that you can check out.

Running Like a Pro In The Shoes You Need

Want to learn how to run your best even if you don’t have perfectly average feet? Well you’ll find everything you’re looking for with Running Like a Pro. Their blog focuses on different types of running shoes for anyone with any kind of foot.

Whether you have problems with motion control, shin splints or high arches or even if you have flat or wide feet, you’ll get recommendations for the best shoes that you can wear to get into running while still feeling comfortable and taking better care of your feet.

Sports Academic For The Learning Potential

Interested in getting yourself ready for absolutely any sport? Well then you’re going to want to check out Sports Academic, which offers a whole lot of information about a lot of different things. From helping you figure out how to improve the strength in your arms to play baseball to reviewing paintball masks and power towers, this website has a little bit of everything.

You’ll learn all you ever needed to know (and even more) about sports, equipment and exercise. So you’ll be ready to get the products you need and get out there.

Natural Running Center Gets You Off and Running

With plenty of writers to post to the blog, Natural Running Center has articles that let you really understand the lives of these individuals. You’ll learn about their health and fitness journey’s as well as things like what shoes you should be wearing, how to run a marathon and how to start getting in shape.

It’s going to run you through a little bit of everything you need to get healthy, and with different writing styles you’re definitely not going to get bored with the things you’re reading or the information they give.

Run Blogger, Run

Getting out for a run is best if you really know what you’re doing and have all the best equipment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out just what you need, without some help that is. Run Blogger is all about the best shoes, the best gear and the best deals that you can possibly find on all things running.

You’ll find reviews for some great products that are old and new and you’ll find the types of gear you really should have when you’re planning on really getting into running. That’s going to help you out big time.


*** The Health and Safety of Your Feet ***

Keeping your feet looking and feeling their best is crucial and that’s exactly what each of these blogs is about. They’ll help you find out the best shoes and even some additional tips about getting yourself in better health.

Northwest Foot & Ankle Keeps You Walking Pretty

Your feet are important to most everything you do in life, and that’s why it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible. Northwest Foot & Ankle is all about what your feet need in order to be healthy and what you need to do in order to make sure they are strong.

It’s all about making sure that you don’t end up with foot or ankle problems some time down the road, and they’re definitely good at it too. If you check this page out you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Schuler Shoes Gets Walking Comfortable

Finding comfortable shoes, specifically for men, is not always as easy as you might think. That’s why Schuler Shoes takes the situation so personally. This is where you’re going to find a lot of information about more comfortable shoes and even problems that many people may have with their feet or shoes.

They’re able to help you figure out what you need to do to start feeling better and enjoying your experience walking again. Plus, you can get comfortable shoes in a variety of different styles (like sandals too).

Uvex Us All When You’re Not Safe

Uvex is actually a website and company entirely devoted to safety. You’ll be able to get just about anything and everything you can use to stay safe and protected even in dangerous chemical-laden environments. So you’ll find out about safety helmets and goggles, shoes and gloves and anything else you might need in order to keep yourself ready for whatever you want to do next in your life.

After all, no one wants to risk injury with their job or anything that they’re doing for fun, right? Getting the right gear with Uvex can help you with that.

Barking Dog Shoes With More Bark Than Bite

Finding the perfect shoes for your feet isn’t always easy, but Barking Dog Shoes will help you figure out what shoes you want when it comes to orthopedic shoes and a whole lot more. You’ll find a lot of comfortable shoes. In fact, that’s what the focus of the entire blog is about, comfortable shoes.

Whether it’s flat sandals or other flats or even tennis shoes and hiking boots, you’ll be able to find exactly the right thing for average feet, bunions, orthotics or anything else you might need in a format that’s super easy to read and understand.


*** Learn the Industry ***

Want to know everything there is to know about the shoe industry? Well then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at these blogs. They have a little bit of everything about what’s going on outside of your favorite shoe store.

Shoe Konnect With Your Shoe Twin

Shoe Konnect isn’t just about the fashion side of shoes. Rather, this blog is all about the shoe industry, so you can find out anything and everything that’s going on in the world of shoes, around the world.

Whether it’s learning about the current restrictions and rules on the cattle industry and animal rights or finding out about the demand for the best of the best in footwear, Shoe Konnect has everything you’re looking for and a whole lot more, so it’s definitely a go-to source for anyone interested in all things shoes.

Footwear Today and Tomorrow and Everyday

Want to know what’s going on in Footwear Today? Well you’ll find it here because that’s exactly what the blog on this website is all about. It’s going to help you figure out everything you ever wanted to know about the footwear business and even more.

This blog isn’t focused on things like shoe reviews or what you need to know about some of the specific options. Instead, it’s going to help you figure out what’s new in the industry and how that could impact you or the brands that you love best.

Shoes On Loose Everywhere in the World

This blog is all about getting out into the world and experiencing new things. If you’ve got some great shoes then what’s better than getting out there in the world and showing them off while you travel?

Experience all of the best parts of the world and all the greatest things when it comes to hill stations in India, a bike trip in Ladakh and even more. You’ll have no shortage of places where you can spend your weekends or even longer vacations, because there’s plenty of beauty out there in the world.


So what do you think of these blogs? Are you ready to check them out for yourself and find out more about shoes, feet and other fashionable accessories?

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