5 Best Basketball Socks: What it Takes to Play the Game (Updated 2018)

Getting out there and having some fun playing sports is a great way to get exercise, but it’s something that you’ll want to have the right tools for. One of those tools is having the best basketball socks, from this selection of great (and unique) options.

What to Look For

There are a number of different features that you should look at when you’re picking out the ideal pair of basketball socks. Mainly, you’re looking for comfort and flexibility for your next game, but there are some other features you’ll want to take a look at too, to get what you’re really going to love.

Overall Height

The height of your socks is important for your overall comfort. That’s because different sock heights are going to work better for different types of shoes and activities. When it comes to basketball socks you’ll likely want high socks that come up over the calf of the leg. Lower socks, like crew socks, are ideal for other sports like golf or tennis, but not so much for basketball. That’s because the taller socks tend to provide a bit more protection and support for the ankle. This is still somewhat open to your own preference, however. If you’re not going to be comfortable in those tall socks you may want to consider something else.

Overall Thickness

Next, you need to have some thickness to the socks in order to be comfortable as well. If you have high impact in the sport you’re going to be playing you need something that has a little bit of padding. You’re going to be moving, jogging, jumping and sliding side to side, which all requires at least a little bit of padding in your foot, especially through the heel and sole. With basketball socks, you’re definitely going to want to have additional padding in these areas because it helps protect the Achilles tendon and even more.

Color Options

Okay, so this isn’t really as important as other aspects, but having color options is something that is going to be a whole lot of fun. You can take a look at several different colors that come along with the different brands. You can also see a whole lot of different patterns to go along with it as well. There are definitely places you can find a range of even more options, if you’re not totally sure about some color options that you have. You can keep looking around and find just what you’re looking for.

Midfoot Compression

This type of sock is great for basketball and even other sports and just exercise in general because it has a little bit of compression in the center arch of the foot. This area is tighter and actually reinforced, which is usually obvious because of a color or pattern difference. They even tend to have different socks for right and left so they’re more ergonomic. Basically, you’re getting additional support in your arches and you’re getting less fatigue and pain in the foot. You’ll also get more circulation, which can help increase the level of endurance that you have.

Fabric Choices

If you’ve gone to the store to purchase socks before you know that there are all different kinds of them with different materials and styles. When you’re looking for athletic style socks you definitely want to look for certain materials that are going to make them more comfortable when you’re sweating even. You want a sock made with some type of synthetic fiber or wool that will help to wick away moisture. Polyester microfiber is another common one that will help you get rid of that extra sweat, reducing the problems of warm feet, bacteria and fungi.

Choose Your Fit

Most people don’t pay attention to the size of their socks because they’re pretty standard. You get regular size socks or larger socks (which are harder to find). When it comes to athletic socks, however, they’re a whole lot different. You want to look for socks that are going to fit you just right, which is more work when it comes to athletic socks. They come in different sizes and if you’re not careful about finding the right size you end up with crushed toes or excess material that can cause blisters over time.

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Extra Cushion

On top of the regular padding that is present in good quality basketball socks, you may want a little bit of extra cushion as well. More cushion in the heel and ball of the foot will help you to cushion your landings if you make jumps and it will help you feel better just running around as well. Make sure that you feel comfortable just running around in those socks and when you slip on your shoes you still feel comfortable then you’re probably going to be just fine heading out onto the courts.

Top Picks for the Best Basketball Socks

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

HoopSwagg Neuron Magic Custom Nike Elite Socks

The HoopSwagg Nike Elite Socks are available in four different sizes, to make sure you have a great fit. They’re brightly colored, with a lightning strike look and the classic Nike swoosh. Moderately priced, these socks feature compression in the midsole and they fit over the ankle but not up over the calf like a lot of basketball socks.

Though they can run a little bit small, they are definitely really soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, whether you’re playing basketball or just wearing them for everyday.

Whether you’re young or a little bit older, you’re definitely not going to have a problem with these unique socks and you’re going to feel more than happy with them while you’re moving around the court, no matter how you play. Younger kids will definitely love showing them off to their friends (even though everyone’s going to notice already).


  • Bright colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Typical Nike quality
  • Great for all ages
  • Fit as expected
  • Good for everyday or sports and activities
  • Unique look and style


  • Start to fade after washing
  • Over the ankle but not over the calf
  • Run a little small

MadSportsStuff Basketball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

Available in a wide variety of different colors, these MadSportsStuff Basketball socks are crew height, which means they come up to your ankles. They also have all the sizes you need for youth, men and women, so everyone gets a comfortable fit. The unique basketball design on them is fun and the compression through the arch of the foot keeps your foot better supported while running and jumping.

Made with polypropylene, nylon, elastic, lycra and spandex, these socks feature moisture wicking as well as blister control. They’re super lightweight and even have a double welt top, heel and toe design to make sure they stay right where you want them to throughout your game. You also get alphasan antimicrobials that help to cut down on any bacteria and even odor that you might experience with other socks.


  • Made in the USA
  • Antimicrobial properties to cut down on odor
  • Sizes for men, women and children
  • 24 different color options to choose from
  • Maintain color and size after several washings
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear


  • Can be a little thin
  • May bleed a little in the wash
  • Run slightly small

JiYe Men’s Sports Socks

For a stylish sock that’s made to last, these JiYe Men’s Sports Socks are a great pick. They come in white and black, black and red or a combination of colors. Made out of cotton, they’re available in a range of different sizes that fit both men and women. For anyone who is outside getting some exercise or even playing sports, you’re definitely going to like them.

There’s antimicrobial technology build in that helps you get rid of odor and moisture while you’re working, even if you’re out for a really long time. The fabric is designed to help wick away sweat and keeps the socks themselves dry, which keeps you a whole lot more comfortable. When you add the arch compression, you’re definitely going to be off to a good start.

Whether you want to head out for the day to go shopping and walking around or you’re looking for something that will work for your next basketball game, these are definitely going to work. They fit great, all the way up above the ankle, and they have a nice style that people of all ages are going to love. They even have a good amount of cushion for whatever you want to do.


  • Work well for everyday as well as exercise
  • Antimicrobial technology in the socks
  • Compression through the arches
  • Plenty of cushion for sports
  • Don’t cause sweat


  • Quite heavy
  • Not as high quality as others
  • Moisture wicking doesn’t always work as well

Chalk Talk Sports Basketball Socks

The ChalkTalkSports Basketball Socks are inexpensive and come in a range of different colors that let you showcase your own favorite styles. They feature two-tone options and basketball accents on the sides. Not only that but they’re made with 80% acrylic as well as a bit of nylon and spandex. All of this makes sure that the socks are comfortable and soft to wear for an extended period.

The socks are also able to wick away moisture and they are designed to fit men and women of average size. Ready to go for any activities you might want to participate in, they feature air circulating ventilation to improve your comfort and keep you dry as well. Everyone is going to love these socks when they see you wearing them and they guarantee your satisfaction.

With plenty of cushion, they are durable and crew length, so they’re able to keep you comfortable and support your feet all day. They are strong and dry faster, even when wet, and the ultra-spun knit is great quality. They’re made in the United States and definitely show off your love of basketball even if you don’t play.


  • Hold up over long term
  • Super soft for extended wear
  • Fit well for just about everyone
  • Very thick and cushioned


  • Can be itchy
  • Crew length

Nike Dri-Fit Elite Crew Basketball Socks

The Nike Dri-Fit Basketball Socks are available in a range of different sizes for men and women and have a range of different colors as well. They’re made with a polyester blend, dri-fit fabric that helps to wick away sweat to keep you feeling a whole lot more comfortable and dry throughout the day. They have rib cuffs at the top to make sure they stay right where you want and there’s footstrike cushioning that helps you get plenty of comfort while you go.

The cushioning is balanced out in areas where you’re more likely to have an injury so you are not susceptible to injury or extensive impact. You’ll also have padding through the heels and they’re licensed by Nike, to get the best quality. Durable enough to last for a long time, these socks have no problem keeping you ready for your next game and making sure that you’re ready for the regular day as well. They’re a lot of fun with any of your favorite outfits for the day or sports.


  • Comfortable fit over extended period
  • Dri-fit fabric to wick sweat
  • Cushioning throughout the foot
  • Great style for kids and adults


  • Somewhat high price
  • Only ankle height


Overall, if you’re looking for a good quality pair of socks that also look fun you’ll want to go with the Hoop Swagg Neuron. These socks are high quality because they’re official Nike products. They also have fun colors, plenty of cushion all the way throughout and come up over your ankle for support. There’s compression in the middle of the arch and they’re fun for everyone because of the bright colors that they feature. They’re made of moisture wicking materials and they allow your feet to breathe so you can wear them during your sporting events or any other time.

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