Some Athletic Shoes For You

If you’re not an athletic person you may consider all athletic style shoes the same. Maybe you just group them all into a category of ‘tennis shoes’ and you have one pair sitting in the back of your closet that you use when you go running or do anything athletic.

On the other hand, if you are an athletic person, or you’re trying to be, it’s important to have a good selection of athletic shoes that help you cover all the bases. After all, not all athletic shoes are created equally, which is why it’s important to look at these top list athletic shoes you must have in your closet.

Cross Fit Shoes To Make The Grade

You want a medium level of ‘drop’ when it comes to a CrossFit shoe because it’s going to give you even distribution of your weight, 12 Labours CrossFit). Too much drop arches your foot too much, while too little can result in a flat-footed approach. You also want shoes that have a harder sole to keep you stable and an outer body and framework that’s strong and durable no matter what type of movement you may be making, 12 Labours CrossFit).Not only that, but enhanced traction capabilities are important as well since you’re going to be doing a lot of different types of activities with this sport. You need shoes that are prepared for anything, 12 Labours CrossFit).

Basketball Shoes To Rule The Court

Anyone who plays a lot of basketball knows that the right amount of support in your foot is extremely important.You want to get a thick sole that’s also extremely stiff, so you won’t have a lot of bending while you’re running or jumping. You may also want something with a high level of support around the ankle.

High-top sneakers are pretty synonymous with basketball as they do provide a little bit of increase support around the ankle, though they aren’t going to completely protect you from ankle injuries.

Training Shoes To Get You Ready

Cross trainers are going to help you with a lot of different activities that you might participate in. These are a little bit of everything and are generally not great at anything in particular.

They have flexibility and lateral control to help you be a little more rounded, but if you’re focusing on one particular sport or activity a dedicated shoe is generally going to be a better option than a cross trainer or training shoe. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for that next pair of shoes as a cross trainer is really only good for a shorter period of time.

Running Shoes To Go The Distance

There are a few different types of running shoes that you can choose from. For some, running shoes with a lot of cushioning are the best because they absorb the shock that comes from hitting the ground so hard. For others, lightweight shoes are the best even though they provide less cushion because they make it easier to run fast.

It’s up to you which version you prefer, but no matter what you want good heel control, shock absorption and at least a little bit of cushion. These three things can mean the difference between enjoying your run and finding yourself suffering from shin splints and other runner’s problems.

Soccer Shoes That Keep You Steady

Soccer shoes, also called cleats, are required when you’re playing the game. You need shoes that are studded to provide traction on the ground, especially when you’re playing outdoors. Your studs can be made with plastic, rubber or metal, but make sure you know what the rules are for the organization you’re playing with.

Something with a firm sole is going to be important so you can move however you need to without sacrificing your form or your overall stability on the ground. Get something that has plenty of cushions as well, since you’re going to be moving around in them for a long period of time all at once and without a lot of rest in between.

Skate Shoes To Roll It Out

These are the type of shoes you wear for skateboarding and they’ve got a style all their own. While many people tend to wear high top sneakers while skateboarding, there’s a little more to the process of choosing just the right shoes. For most, a vulcanized shoe is what you’re looking for. It’s thin, lightweight and extremely flexible, which makes them good for doing a lot of tricks. You don’t get a lot of cushions, but you do get a more balanced shoe.

You may also want to look at lace guards to help protect your laces (and you) as well as added material on the upper for more protection and durability. Finally, make sure you get flat outsoles that are made with rubber, and especially gum rubber to enhance durability even more.

Walking Shoes To Get You Going

A typical walking shoe is what can help you feel more comfortable walking for longer distances. This is usually not the same as the standard tennis shoe that most people think of when they go to the store because it’s specially designed for walking. They have some shock absorption throughout the heel and the ball of the foot, which can help with the tenderness you get when walking for an extended period.

They also have a more rounded sole, which may actually be larger than you would find on a typical tennis shoe or a shoe for any other athletic endeavor. These shoes are going to give you more rigidity in the toe area because the point is to roll step from front to back, which means they’re not good for running.

Aerobic Shoes That Get You Moving

These shoes are very lightweight so that you can move them quickly and easily. They also have a lot of shock absorption throughout the ball of the food so that you can get the right amount of support where you’re going to have the most stress.

Doing your workout on carpeted areas can be an added benefit and helps you where these types of shoes may fall a little bit short.

Tennis Shoes To Step It Out

If you like playing tennis you want shoes that are going to allow you to make quick movements not just forward and backward but sideways as well. Tennis is all about freedom of movement, after all, so look for flexibility through the ball of the foot and a lighter amount of shock absorption.

Soft courts aren’t really going to require it, after all. What you need is soft soles and stability throughout the foot. Keep in mind the type of court you’re playing on. Soft courts don’t need a lot of threads but a hard court may.

Sneakers That Help You Play

For those who don’t do a lot of outdoor activity, a standard sneaker may be a good option. The category of ‘sneakers’ can actually encompass a lot of these different types of shoes, but for this definition, we’re considering the inexpensive shoes that you can buy at just about any department store or base store that sells shoes.

These are the ones that are okay for just about anything you might want to do outdoors but they’re not really great for anything in particular. If you want something for your child to get outside and play these are generally good choice or if you’re looking to start going to the gym or working out in your own home they may be a good starter shoe, but they provide a minimum level of support through the foot and ankle and aren’t designed to provide you with high quality or durability over the long term.

Specialty Shoes For Anything You Need

If you have any kind of problems with your feet or ankles you may need to get specially made shoes for any sport that you want to participate in. This is because a standard shoe designed for that sport or activity may not provide you the dedicated support that you need.

Whether you need something special up around your ankle, down in the arches, on the sides or anywhere else, you definitely want to talk with a specialist to help you get what you’re looking for so you can continue to enjoy your sport or other outdoor activity without causing damage.

So what shoes do you think you’ll be adding to your collection? Each of these has its own purpose, and you may be surprised just which ones are going to help improve your athletic ability and the things you enjoy. By taking a look at each of these styles at least, you’re going to be better prepared for whatever you want to do.

What do you think of these types of shoes? Do you have other ideas of shoe types you would add? We definitely want to hear all about it in the comments section, so let us know what you think about these types of shoes or even your favorite shoes in some of these categories.

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