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Podophobia: Fear of Feet – What Is It and How Can It Be Helped?

​​ Quick Navigation Possible causes why a person develops podophobiaSymptomsHow to make a person with podophobia comfortableTreatmentThe takeaway Coming from the Greek word ‘podos’, which means feet, the word podophobia means the fear of feet. For some, developing this kind of fear seems bizarre and unheard of, but it is a common phobia that affects

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How to Break In Rainbow Sandals in 4 Easy Steps

Quick Navigation What You Will NeedThe Step-by-step Guide on How to Break In Rainbow SandalsStep 1. Get your sandals wet.Step 2. Put steam into good use.Step 3. Stretch the straps using other objects.Step 4. Walk around your house wearing the sandals.Conclusion: Congrats on purchasing your Rainbow sandals. The sandals’ design may seem basic, but it

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How To Get Rid Of Hair on Bottom of Foot (Works Like Charm)

Quick Navigation What is a Splinter?How to Get Rid of Hair on Bottom of FootBesan and TurmericWaxingTweezersElectrologyLaser Hair RemovalConclusion It is not unusual to see hair on bottom of foot. This does not happen to a lot of people, but it can possibly happen to you. At first, you might be surprised. If you go

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What Color Shoes with Navy Suit ? Here are the 3 best.

So you purchased a navy suit. You are comfortable with a color other than black or grey when it comes to your suit. You can match your shirts and ties really well with it and make it creative (I do enjoy a tartan shirt with a solid bright colored tie, myself!).Now you have to decide

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