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Key Tips On Healing Better After An Ankle Break From A Slip And Fall

The ankle is responsible for a wide range of activities. It allows balance and locomotion, and it takes the weight of the body during considerable force like jumping or running. This part of the body consists of three joints which are the fibula, tibia, and the talus. There are also five ligaments and a tendon that

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How to Wear a Boot Knife: Your Guide in Doing it Right!

Also called gambler’s dagger, a boot knife is a fixed blade with a small size that is discreet enough to be carried in your boots. It has a length that usually ranges from three to five inches and can be useful in a variety of situations. To make the most out of it, you should

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Recovery For Runners: How To Get Back To Running After A Personal Foot Injury

Quick Navigation Know What Is Your Top Priority: Your Foot And Your HealthWays To Get Back Running After A Personal Foot Injury1. Take time to understand your injury2. Always prioritize a sound sleep3. Get some relaxation4. Enjoy the different scents5. Take all the vitamins and minerals that you need6. Listen carefully7. Get moving8. Follow your

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How Should Boots Fit: Best Ways to Ensure your Comfort

Choosing the right pair of boots is never an easy task. With the abundance of the options that are available, you will end up being overwhelmed. Price, style, materials, and construction are some of the essential considerations. You should not also forget to choose the right size. How should boots fit? If you are interested in

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