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Help! How to tape a Broken Pinkie Toe?

Once in our life, we can experience toe injuries due to small accidents such as stubbing it on furniture or dropping a heavy stuff on it. Since this mishap will not require you to see a doctor immediately, it pays to know how to tape a broken pinkie toe. Our toes are composed of small bones

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How To Clean Climbing Shoes: A Guide to Restoring Its Clean Look

If you love hiking or outdoor activities, you most probably know how important it is to have the right footwear. It will make you feel comfortable during your climb, and most importantly, will make sure that you will have a strong traction on the ground to prevent slipping. Regardless of the quality of your footwear, it

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What to Pick: Clarks Bushacre Vs Desert Boots

Struggling between Clarks Bushacre Vs Desert Boots? We understand your dilemma. Given that they have similarities, they almost look identical. Fortunately, both of them won’t force your feet to adapt to some irregular shape. Despite the lack of ankle and arch support or steel shanks, these boots could be as comfortable as your house slippers. However, there

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What Color Shoes with Navy Suit ? Here are the 3 best.

So you purchased a navy suit. You are comfortable with a color other than black or grey when it comes to your suit. You can match your shirts and ties really well with it and make it creative (I do enjoy a tartan shirt with a solid bright colored tie, myself!).Now you have to decide

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