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Key Tips On Healing Better After An Ankle Break From A Slip And Fall

The ankle is responsible for a wide range of activities. It allows balance and locomotion, and it takes the weight of the body during considerable force like jumping or running. This part of the body consists of three joints which are the fibula, tibia, and the talus. There are also five ligaments and a tendon that

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Handy Tips To Stay Fit After Gaining A Lower Limb or Foot Disability

​No one would like to get involved a traumatizing incident that resulted in a disability. Nobody in their right mind would want to lose their ability to walk or run either. You wouldn’t want to never to run, walk, or even properly stand anymore. You don’t want to get confined to a bed or wheelchair

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How To Make Flower Pots From Your Old Shoes? Discover The Cheapest Ways

All of us love to plant flowers and other greenery in homes. Whether we have a big house or small, we all love doing gardening to make our homes a better and greener place to live in than ever before. Many innovative and excellent ideas are available that can add greenery in your house. Most of

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10 Foot Care Practices You Should Be Doing

The average American takes between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day, and people who get the recommended amount of physical exercise may take up to twice as many. Fortunately, the feet are tough organs and they are designed to stand up to that level of wear and tear. But that’s assuming that your feet are

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